Teen apologizes for pellet gun incident on Belleville West High School campus

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – A Belleville West High School senior is apologizing for pointing an air soft pellet gun outside the window of a vehicle parked on the school’s campus.  Police say the air gun closely resembles a real handgun.

An off-duty deputy coroner spotted the incident and contacted police.  The call came in as a gun pointed at football players.  Football players were picking up their pads Thursday for summer practice.  Officers from multiple departments responded.

Vantezz Carter was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.  He told FOX 2 he’s sorry for causing a brief lockdown on campus.

“I’m sorry for everything I did,” said Carter.  “It was my fault.”

Carter said he was picking up his football pads for summer practice when he hopped in a friend’s SUV.  He said that friend had several air soft pellet guns in a bag.  Carter admits grabbing one and pointing it out the window.  He just wants his classmates to know he meant no harm.

The high school punt returner, cornerback and wide recevier said he’s a fun loving jokester.  Carter is now worried about what discipline he will face.  His home is filled with football photos and awards.  He said football is everything to him.

“I’m harmless. I don’t do anything to hurt people,” said Carter.

The school district sent a letter about the incident to parents.  It read in part, “The student involved in this incident will be disciplined accordingly.  We do not tolerate this type of behavior in or around our campuses.  It is important to emphasize to our students that what seems like horseplay or a joke is often times taken very seriously.”



    • Will

      Don’t judge a book by its cover. This kid is one of the hardest working teens there is. I used to play football with him when we were kids, and he really is a good kid. We all make mistakes, I highly doubt you haven’t. So I’d suggest you stop calling him a loser because I guarantee you he’s worked 10x harder at his goals than you have.

      • Steven Sweeney

        A “mistake” is putting too much garlic on your pasta.This FOOL brought a gun to a school and POINTED IT AT PEOPLE! Expulsion and jail time should fit the bill.BTW, I got a better guarantee from my sham wow!

  • rose

    He’s lucky somebody didn’t shoot him, thinking he was armed and sitting in a car pre-meditating murder.

    • Mark Foster

      That’s true. Remember the push for arming teachers, ready to blast away at a moments notice.

  • PurpRunner

    I play football with this kid . He’s one of the funniest nicest people you’ll ever meet . He knows how to make everyone laugh and bring everyone together. he made a mistake that he can’t take back. I’m sure every one of you has made a mistake before and wanted to take it back. so let’s not call him names because you don’t approve of a mistake you just as easily could have made

    • Joe

      Guess you should have been there to tell him not to do it. Everyone says, “They were a good neighbor, friend, etc, didn’t think they were capable of such a horrific crime.”

      • Purprunner

        I was there yesterday haha. no one was worried because everyone knew it was air soft gun. someone that didn’t know did what they should have a called the cops. no ones lives were put in danger , at all. and NO horrific crime was committed. so because he was stupid and picked up a gun from one of his friends bags and flashed it , he should be punished as if he had a real gun and was intending to shoot someone? this gun was not even his! they were someone else’s and he grabbed one. so is he the only one at fault? or should the others be punished for bringing plastic items in his car? ahhh the never ending cycle of questions and logic has begun

  • Katie

    I think it was just a lapse in judgement. Hopefully this can be chalked up as a learning experience for this young man. He has at least shown enough maturity to publically apologize for his actions.

  • common sense just ain't common

    common sense is not a mistake. he is well old enough to know what is good idea and a bad one … look what happen last weekend in California when a young man was considered safe and harmless and a month later he killed 6 people. you just don’t know these days and that why he should be punished to the fullest and be treated as if was a real gun . just saying the boy knew exactly what he was doing when he pointed it out the window.

    • Purprunner

      ahh, but that California man was insane, that man wanted people to now down to him when he arrived in one of the videos he posted before he went on his killing spree he said you deserve to die just for living a better life than me. he was insane . this boy made a mistake by pointing a air soft gun at one of his friends on the football team. Those crimes are a little different.

  • Groovy Chick

    I am sorry that he did that stupid thing, too. I am sure all of us have done stupid things when we were young with no intention of hurting anyone. Luckily, most of the time, we did not get caught.

  • respect

    yes we all have done stupid things on our lives and more are still to come for all of us but the fact of the matter is pointing a gun at a person no matter if it is a air soft pistol or not. every body know its NO JOKE or is a TOY that you play with it is legal to hunt small game with and some are capable of installing compressed CO2 cartridges that give the plastic pellet an extra punch of impact / velocity with could easily harm another a person there for he knows what he did so he should be punished as if he had a weapon on school property

  • lbk's gurl

    This young man could have done that 15 years ago and nobody would have thought anything of it. The real idiots have made it where kids can’t be kids anymore. We ran around the neighborhood playing cops and robbers with play guns and hand cuffs. Young adults like to play too. I don’t fault this young man i just hope he realizes the seriousness of his actions nowadays. I don’t think he should have been blasted on the news. Spend more time trying to catch the real (gangstas).

  • Ramon Stacker

    I go to school with this kid. First of all get the story right. He didn’t bring it, he grabbed it out of someone’s bag. And he is a good kid. He’s never got in any trouble until now so everyone that has something negative to say keep it to yourself

  • Mitch

    He is not a baby creating a gun out of a Pop Tart. He is a young man who could be charged as an adult if he killed someone. Any student with 2 brain cells knows guns (real or no) are banned in school.
    Sorry mom, your kid is getting what he deserves.

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