Rocker goes on tirade to stop molestation of girl at Missouri concert

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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — It’s the concert tirade that’s made national headlines.

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis interrupted his own performance on Saturday to reprimand a group of fans who crossed the line with an adolescent girl.

During the band’s appearance at the Kansas City Rockfest, some rockers near the stage hoisted a young girl into the air to crowd surf. Lewis finished his verse, but didn’t even warn his band before he launched into a profanity-laden rant.

Listen up you (expletives) ,that (expletive) girl right there is like 15 (expletive) years old and you (expletive) pieces of (expletive) are molesting her while she’s on the (expletive) crowd,” he ranted. “Your (expletive) mothers should be ashamed of themselves.”

The rant lasted for an entire minute.

Music blogger Cassiopia Demers witnessed it from just a few rows back. Demers, who is known as KC Cassie,  told KCTV that it was clear that the crowd was groping and pinching the teen, and that the girl wanted to be put down.

“I think she was a little bit uncomfortable because she didn’t really know what was going on,” she said.

Lewis told the group that they should be beaten, and threatened to stop the show again if they continued. He told them if they continued to bother the girl he would single them out, and tell the rest of the crowd to beat them.

The crowd cheered throughout the entire indignant interlude, and clapped again when Lewis finished his song and told girls they were safe to crowd surf once again.

Allen Roach, another music blogger, also witnessed the rant. He said he respects Lewis for standing up for the young girl.

“It shows a lot of character. And I think the fans will see that,” he said. “We’re starting to see these things as being frowned upon.”

The Kansas City Police Department is aware of the reported molestation, but the girl or her family have not come forward to file a police report. Police said they are interested in investigating the incident.

By Nathan Vickers


  • Groovy Chick

    Good for the rocker guy. I appreciate the fact that he stood up for a young girl like that.

  • Niko

    Good for him. Even if it could have been worse, this guy kept it from getting there by saying something! Always speak up and no more by standing. It makes a difference. xo

  • #1 Aaron Lewis Fan

    He has interrupted concerts in the past for similar reasons! He does have daughters of his own, sounds like his dad instincts kicked in! He probably stopped a bad situation for that girl from getting worse, and prevented it from happening to anyone else for the rest of the night… Staind/Aaron Lewis has an amazing talent! And a HUGE heart!

  • Dana WanaPskana

    Would it have been a crime to inspire the crowd directly to beat an individual accused of something by a band leader as it would be to lead for other violent crimes?

  • Posers

    Stupid singer and girl. She should not be crowd surfing if she don’t want to get fondled. Dumb reason to stop the show. What a poser band anyway!

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