Ban on soda food stamps could prevent obesity

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(KTVI) – A ban on food stamp purchases of soda and other sugary drinks could cause a major drop in obesity and diabetes among the poor.

Stanford researchers say banning the sweet drinks could prevent more than 130,000 children from becoming obese. It could also keep 200,000 adults from developing Type 2 diabetes.

The study comes as critics say the federal food stamp program supports the purchase of sugary drinks that don’t have nutritional value.


  • Billy Hill

    I you’re so hungry that you can’t feed yourself, you shouldn’t be spending my tax money on a soda.

    • hiflew

      It’s not YOUR tax money, it is the government’s tax money. You have to pay it regardless whether they spend it on the needy, or the incarcerated, or maintaining roadways, or anything else they want to spend the money on. You have absolutely no say on what happens to the money after you pay it, except for your vote should you choose to exercise it.

      • Mascoutan

        There is some truth in your post. We, the People elected the “they” you cite as spending OUR tax money – you got the voting part correct, but if we vote for someone that is responsible with our tax money, then that person stays in office. (Unless there’s massive voter fraud in the case of our current resident of the Oval Office – but I digress…)

      • hiflew

        You are correct in that we elected a government to spend OUR tax money. However, the gentleman that I was replying to used the pronoun MY when describing the tax money. Our votes determines who gets their way and don’t even start with “massive voter fraud.” That’s just called being a sore loser. I wasn’t happy with our Pres from 2001-2008, but I lived with it and respected the office even though I think he is/was an idiot. Just deal with Mr. Obama for the next two years because he is not going anywhere.

      • nowhere freeway

        it is OUR tax money and we should have every right to expect it to be used responsibly. end of discussion

  • Joe

    It is simply a numbers game, burn 2,000 calories a day but consume 3,000, then 1,000 are saved and ultimately stored as fat. Sugar drinks are empty calories but you can over eat in other ways and still wind up fat. Perhaps all food should be banned, as it all has the potential to cause obesity. Everything in moderation!!!

  • Ripped1x

    Anyone that believes “A ban on food stamp purchases of soda and other sugary drinks could cause a major drop in obesity and diabetes among the poor.” is an idiot.

  • TherealByebyetotherite

    I can buy cigs and beer with my ebt card at crown foods gas stations on page and down town soda I don’t care about

  • Mehrle

    regardless of how it is purchase if you believe for one second that soda is even one reason for obesity you are all fools, it is lazy parenting and lazy kids and that is it. It is very sad that when it comes to problems with children the parents or some study has to find a way to blame something other than themselves. Whether it is obesity or education people have to place blame on someone or something, when all of the blame should go to the source of the problem PARENTS! if your kid is becoming overweight it isn’t soda it is because you are letting them get away with doing nothing instead of buying them a video game or a new phone why don’t you buy them a YMCA membership or take them on a run or play a sport with them. Oh that’s right as a parent you probably don’t have enough time because you are finding others to blame and that takes a lot of time…..

  • christy

    notice that they say “lower the rate of obesity in the poor” I will tell you right now I AM POOR and I cant buy “healthy” the way I would like to for my family because I can’t afford it!!!!! Maybe if fries and tv dinners cost more than fresh produce and meat THEN we could solve the obesity problem in this country!!! I do the best I can to eat healthy and feed my kids healthy but it is very hard when 1 healthy meal is the same cost as 3 not so healthy options!!

  • cynthia

    So the government is telling me what to eat what is it going to be tomorrow no twinkies because your going to get fat..its a choice all the preservatives and hormones the government puts in our food how do they know that’s not getting us fat.. banning suffer drinks is obsured let’s talk about the illegals who don’t belong here getting food stamps that don’t pay into the system..

  • Angel

    If anyone really knows anything about the poor they would know they gain weight from having to buy cheap food that have to much starch in them to make ends meet each month.This is just another way for the government to control what people does.CYNTHIA, I agree Illegals are pouring into our Country daily collecting benefits and don’t pay a penny into our system to receive them.Plus we are rewarding them for breakingour laws but let’s worry about Americans buying a soda here and there who most of them has paid into the system or their families have.Let’s get everyone minds off of crime and ileegals coming here cause soda buying is so more important! Yeah right,You people are screwed up.No wonder our Country is in the shape it is in.

  • Angel

    It was suppose to say: illegals coming here cause soda buying is so more important! My keyboard is sticking….

  • smokvica

    Omg this is most radiculos story i have ever encountered..who is a goverment to make me not drink soda not overweight at all and i drink sodas someobe said have to be an idiot to buy into this

  • Groovy Chick

    FYI, I suddenly dropped about 20 pounds when I switched from sugary soda to ice water. Just saying

  • Scooter

    How about we “eliminate” food stamps all together! That would get rid of a lot of problems – fraud, obesity, etc…. It is OUR tax money (not the government money as the “government” doesn’t make money) and it is at a time when those of us who actually PAY taxes stand up and tell the government how we would like that money spent!

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