Chesterfield police officer accused of recording restroom patrons, posting to porn site

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) - You or one of your kids may have appeared on video on a pornographic web site.  A Fox 2 investigation led to the discovery of a police officer behind it.   Videos of men going to the bathroom began spreading across the United States until Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes traced them to a gas station bathroom in Chesterfield.

With the help of police, we found an unexpected suspect.

Update:  Former cop accused of posting bathroom videos online to face grand jury

It started with a hidden camera we discovered was at the Mobile On The Run on Clarkson, just south of the Chesterfield Mall.  Video from a hidden camera showed people going to the bathroom and the videos were posted on a pornographic web site.

Our investigation started on the East Coast, where a man said he clicked on a banner that took him to the offensive porn web site.  He noticed many victims wearing company shirts.  That’s how we found victim Rob Cheney who told us, “When I saw myself pooping, I was just like you’ve gotta be kidding me.”

We asked Cheney for a list of places where he used the bathroom.  He explained, “I had to think because you don’t document everywhere you go to the bathroom, so it took me awhile to pinpoint where it was.”

Fox 2 checked his list of rest rooms, comparing the online video to each bathroom.  Then we found a perfect match, from the floor tiles to the drain by the toilet.  Cheney just moved to the area and laughed, “Three weeks and I’m already on a poop cam pretty much. So three weeks and everybody’s seen me poop?  That’s terrible.  Hahaha.”

But we found no camera when we first discovered the bathroom.   We took our investigative research to Chesterfield Police.  Chief Ray Johnson held a news conference and said, “The Chesterfield Police Department has arrested one of our own officers, working from a tip from an investigative reporter Chris Hayes from Fox 2 News.”

The web site unexpectedly shut down during the investigation, but Fox 2 had already gathered intelligence needed to break the case.  A key break involved a web posting of a St. Charles County man visiting the house of the possible suspect.  The St. Charles County man went to the house for anonymous sex.

According to police, the suspect later admitted luring about 50 men to his Wentzville home, offering oral sex through what he called a gloryhole.  He reportedly lured the men through a Craigslist ad, then secretly videotaped them entering his home and using his gloryhole.

Neighbor Kim Parker remembered talking to other neighbors during the police raid of Cerna's home.  She said, “We were discussing how we had noticed a lot of suspicious cars at all different times of the morning and evening, always with Illinois license plates, circling the area, pulling in the driveway and then shortly after pulling back out.”

The raid followed our lead involving the Craigslist add.  And it netted the arrest of Chesterfield's own officer, 33-year-old David Cerna.

Cerna’s reported website included an interesting discussion when someone posted “is this legal?”  The response reads, “I’m not an attorney so I don’t know.”

Police Chief Ray Johnson described getting the phone call that his officer was the suspect.  He said, “It was rather shocking of course and took a minute to sink in, but we realized the severity of it and just set out to deal with it immediately as we would with any other suspect.”

Chesterfield Police used our information to crack this case in less than one week.  To the Department’s credit, officers did not hesitate to say they found one of their own officers.  He's a single man who has served on the force for six years.   Cerna faces charges in St. Louis County for the bathroom hidden camera and charges in St. Charles County for videotaping men he reportedly lured to the gloryhole.  He is no longer a Chesterfield Police Officer.

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  • stlredbird83

    wait wait wait… how did this even get picked up? Someone had to have been on the site scammin’! haha

    • Stage

      Hell, yah- some perv watching pee pee porn then taking time to notify the news. What a scamming jerkwad.

  • Grammar Please

    What a terribly written article. Doesn’t any intelligent person proof read these things?

  • major

    What I find funny is that the victim featured in this story was able to provide Fox 2 with a list of all the crappers he had visited….just how many places did this guy desecrate? LOL

  • writing critic

    This article was written by a journalist? Skipped the writing classes I see. “Neighbor Kim Parker described talking to remembered talking to other neighbors…” How about a look over by an editor?

  • Sux to him

    The guy even looked like a freak! He is going to do some hard time in prison….. And I’m sure he’ll enjoy every inch of it.

  • Groovy Chick

    This world is so sick. Now somebody wants to see dudes take a dump? Every day I learn something new I wish I hadn’t.

  • Chico

    Wait. Am I missing something? Or did Rob Cheney just admit he was looking up vids of guys pooing? And just happened to see himself…

    • Stage

      No, Cheney is a victim. Fox News showed him the video after they tracked him down from his shirt.

  • Officergloryhole

    Hey these guys are hero’s everyone needs a way to blow off some steam after a long day of giving tickets for 5 over or sleeping in their cruiser. There’s a lot of stress on cops in Chesterfield with their high ticket quotas. How else are they going to support $60000 Tahoe police cruisers and getting all their other friends jobs on the police force. Privacy Invasion charges really that’s it? Like Officer Glory hole is going to mind going to jail? He’ll love it.

    • Stage DaBear

      While I disagree with your take on how CPD handled this case, I’ll give you props for “Officer Glory Hole”. Nice.

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