How to buy used electronics and protect your investment

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(KTVI) - You can save a bundle on used electronics. But, how do you know if what you buy isn't just a waste of money and a glorified paperweight?
Scott Schaffer from Blade Technologies recommends buyers ask lots of questions, especially when shopping online and the item is sold “As Is”.

1.    What is the model number, serial number, etc.?
2.    Do research to determine if there is a known defect or short lifetime to certain components.
3.    Consider more 'name brand' equipment rather than 'off brand'.
4.    Third, where to buy from?
5.    Manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Apple, etc. sell refurbished equipment at steep discounts.
6.    EBay and other third party sites may be a little more dangerous but you may find an outstanding deal. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
7.    Always be skeptical.