Oregon man credits smartphone app with saving his life

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – An Oregon man credits a smartphone app with saving his life.  The app is called Pule Point and alerts people who are CPR trained if someone is having a heart attack nearby.  Drew Basse collapsed at the gym last month.  Scott Brawner, a firefighter and paramedic, was in a building next door when he was alerted by the app and rushed to help.  Brawner has had the app for about one year and this was the first time its ever gone off for someone in need of CPR.

He’s now being called a hero.

“Scott is definitely a hero.  A lot of people think oh somebody else would’ve come along, well when Scott got to me, I wasn’t breathing, I had no pulse, so when Scott got to me, if he hadn’t performed the CPS, I wouldn’t be here right now,” said Basse.

Scott Brawner says in the thirty-four years he has been a firefighter and paramedic, this is the first time he has seen something work so seamlessly.