Suspect charged with murder of South City woman

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis Police have arrested the man who bit a woman,  strangled her and left her in the bathtub of a South St. Louis home.  The woman has been identified as 24-year-old Lauren Bach, who lived on Rosa Avenue in South City.  Investigators say she died from trauma to her head and neck.  Police charged Raheem Thorpe, 42, with first degree murder Thursday.  He lived in the house where Bach was found.  Investigators say the the two argued over drugs.

Thorpe is being held without bond.


  • 1082

    No hate crimes are only when a white person kills a black person. If black people kill whites its a random act of violence.

  • Groovy Chick

    She looked like a nice person. Even if she made bad choices, she did not deserve to die like that.

  • lsl guy

    That is what happens when white girls get mixed up with Black men. Stay away from them bad news…

    • just me

      Are you serious??? You are a disgusting, vile, ignorant person!!! You think that all white women that “get mixed up with” black men get killed??? This was a drug thing, not a black/white thing!!!

      • TherealByebyetotherite

        No it’s just the odds, a black person commits 7 times the amount of crimes as a white person. And that’s governments number in sure it’s really 10 times.

  • tech

    yeah hate crimes are what so-called white people built this society on murder an thievery…..the situation your ancestors created is getting out of hand…..sorry for you white people

  • morrow

    Did anyone read the the part of the article where it say’s they fought over drugs? These comments are racial because the news posted a picture before her drug addiction showing an innocent nice looking white female.

  • Stunned and disgusted

    This was not a hate crime. My daughter was this mans wife. She left him this last fall. He was a very good man when he was clean but drugs took that away. This is so horrific that it’s almost inconceivable. Praying for Ms Bach and for peace and comfort for her family. It’s disturbing and it’s painful for everyone affected. I’m still just stunned that behind the kind Raheem we knew, lurked a monster. Justice will be served but that’s never going to matter because Ms Bach is gone. May she rest in peace once Raheem meets his maker!! May he live out the rest of his life suffering minute by minute and may every breath he takes potentially be his last.

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