Cab driver defending religious rights in court Monday

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(KTVI) - A judge heard arguments Monday on whether a Muslim taxicab driver can wear Islamic attire while working. Raja Naeem is suing the St. Louis Taxicab Commission, claiming it violated his religious rights.

During his ten years of driving a cab, he has received more than 30 tickets for refusing to following the commission's clothing guidelines which requires all drivers to wear black pants and a white shirt.

His license was recently revoked by the commission. He was even arrested twice.

Naeem says it's a constitutional rights violation as an American citizen.


    • rose

      He willingly accepted this job, along with it’s pay, KNOWING the uniform clothing policy. If he wins this, then if our soldiers, police officers, firemen, and so on, can use their personal views and opinions to impose on others regardless of company policy.

    • sean

      He new about the dress code when he got hired.If he dont like it it quit.Im sure the gov will give him money for a gas station tax free.

  • TheREALByeBye2TheRite

    When your “religious rights” means shoving your religion in my face, then it’s not welcome here. Go back to Iraq where you can freely show your ignorance for the world to see. 51% of us (sadly, only 51%) still believe in separation of church and state – don’t like it, head back to Iraq.

    Of course, perhaps showing your ignorance through religion is a good thing: This way, if you come to pick me up, and you have your religious garb on, then I know to avoid you like the plague and go find another cab driver more concerned about customer safety and satisfaction than your stinkin’ religion. Besides, your dedication to your religion gives me serious doubts about your integrity as a human being – so I think I’ll go somewhere else for a cab ride. So on second thought, go ahead and show who you really are, it helps me screen you out as a loser.

    • rose

      This reminds me of Clearance Holmes who changed his name to Ahblablablabla something, claimed to be Sovereign, which placed him above our laws. His court date was last month, any news on that outcome?

    • Steven Sweeney

      Good for Bye Bye! He got this one right! The other day too, on the driving in the fast lane article.The bookies are taking a beating! Keep up the good work Bye Bye! Let’s see how long it lasts!

      • Scooter

        Totally freaks me out when there is actually something that I agree on with BBTTR! Not sure if this is the real BBTTR comments or the imposter… Either way – I agree. Common sense with whichever one it is – prevails!

    • Muslim Woman

      I am a Muslim woman and seeing all these unnecessary rude comments really disgusts me. It’s a shame that people are STILL and ALWAYS will judge you and discriminate you because you are different than them. Please don’t forget to talk like that next time when you go and get treated or possibly saved by MUSLIM physician.

  • voter

    the court will tell the commission that they cant tell people how to dress to do the job

    have a nice day

  • b

    Hey lowlife, we dont want you here anyway. And the job told you BEFORHAND THE DRESS REQUIRMENTS YOU SCUMBAG. GO AWAY N TAKE YOUR FAMILY TOO

  • Ken

    Rules are rules, for one and all. Go back to your sand-pile and drive a cab, you’re not wanted here.
    Take your fake religion and prophet with you.

  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    If gonna strap a bunch a TNT to his chest and wear a Death To America button , I aint gonna get in his cab.

  • Groovy Chick

    Just looking at that angry face, and knowing how women are treated in Islamic countries would make me keep walking.

    • rose

      DC, I agree, they are notorious for putting out a story and not following up properly for their viewers.

  • sean

    He new about the dress code when he got hired.If he dont like it it quit.Im sure the gov will give him money for a gas station tax free.

  • Beamer Smith

    It’s interesting to hear all the “go back to where you came from ” stuff.. What if the taxi cops were to tell you that your cross around your neck isn’t to code? or your yamaka… or your gun (I can already hear some heads exploding) Rather than beat the man down, they should be working on a reasonable compromise that will respect his religion and still put forward the business like appearance they want in their drivers… Win Win… It’s supposed to be the land of the free, not the land of look like me.

    • rose

      BEAMER, Nobody is beating him down. His employer has a dress code, he is no better than anyone else that works there. I wear a uniform to work everyday, if I have a cross around my neck, it had best be beneath the t-shirt, that is worn under my uniform shirt, or disciplinary action will be taken against me. I knew that when I accepted the job, even 17 years ago. Common sense.

    • rose

      BEAMER, don’t defend this guy, policy is policy, why should this company “COMPROMISE” with anyone? Are you referring to make exceptions for him? He knows what he is doing, trying to change policy so that it suits him, just like everything else that is shoved in the faces of everyone, look at the poor atheist. LOL

  • morrow

    Either he adhere to the code or fire him. It,s bad enough that the white shirts these drivers (male and females) wear or so dirty, look at the so called white shirts.

  • Brian Allscheid

    Find a job that allows you to wear what you want. Most companies have a dress code. IT IS NOT A VIOLATION OF YOUR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS!!! You took the job, live with it or go somewhere else.

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