Muslim driver fights St. Louis taxi wardrobe rules

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ST. LOUIS (AP) _ An Islamic cab driver in St. Louis is challenging the regional taxi commission’s wardrobe rules in court after receiving dozens of tickets for wearing traditional religious clothing.

Raja Naeem says his religious beliefs require him to wear a traditional hat, shirt and pants rather than the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission’s mandated uniform of black slacks and a white, button-down shirt. His lawyer says Naeem has received more than 30 tickets and had his taxi license revoked.

The taxi commission says it has tried to accommodate Naeem’s ideology while still enforcing its rules. On Monday, the two sides squared off in St. Louis Circuit Court as part of a lawsuit Naeem hopes will allow him and other Muslim cab drivers to more freely wear religious clothing.


  • RAM

    Hey RAJA If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. It is called a dress code. Most companies have them, and there are reasons that they do. I am sure their reason is to have a professional look for their drivers. The employee handbook probably states this clearly. READ IT,UNDERSTAND IT,LIVE BY IT,DEAL WITH IT. if you have a problem following company rules than QUIT. The company that I work for has a dress code and If i do not want to comply i have two choices (1) get fired for not following policy or (2) quit.

  • glenn

    If he can’t comply with the rules he agreed to uphold in his contract, then all riders should refuse to ride in his cad! No riders-no job! Then he might wise up & comply with rules from the WEST!

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