New homeowners horrified after house trashed by partiers

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AFFTON, MO (KTVI) - A vacant house was trashed by partiers, right before the new homeowners were about to move in.

The Kaiser family couldn’t wait to move into their new Affton home, with four bedrooms, a pool, deck and a gazebo.  But it’s ended up being a nightmare, that’s costing them tens of thousands of dollars.  Just hours after the Kaisers closed and changed the locks, a raucous party left damage that seems never-ending.

Curtis Kaiser explains, “They urinated in cabinets.  There’s cigarette burns all over all the floors, the carpets, the laminates, I mean there was alcohol spilled everywhere, there was vomit all over the place, and they broke the handrails up the stairs.”

Kaiser says the partiers also broke windows, and tossed retaining wall blocks into the swimming pool.  Not even the roof was spared: “I guess a whole bunch of people got out there, and it caved in, and so we had to replace the flat part of the roof, too.”

The result: three dumpsters filled with trash.

“We’ve had to replace all the kitchen cabinets because the ones that were in here were custom-built, and we couldn’t match them,” says Kaiser.  They replaced all the windows for the same reason. They had to rip out all the floors and repaint the walls, ceilings and doors.

“It’s been close to $30,000, probably, and that’s just materials and buying stuff, and that’s just with me doing all the work,” laments Kaiser.

St. Louis County Police call this an active investigation, and have several persons of interest.  Police aren’t saying who is responsible, but party photos and an invitation the Kaisers saw on Facebook indicate a former resident had something to do with it.

“Some girl showed up in our driveway wanting to get her beer pong table back from the party,” says Kaiser, “It really ticks me off. We’ve drained our savings; we’ve put a bunch of stuff on our credit cards, just to try to get the house livable.”

Whoever is ultimately responsible for this party could be charged with trespassing, and possibly burglary.  But for the Kaisers to get any restitution for all the damage, they’d have to go through the civil courts.

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  • Chris J

    When they showed up to get there beer pong table.I would have called the police or took there lincenes plate number

  • Big Dog Tom

    The low life partiers are criminals for all the damage they did. Just a bunch of stupid savages. Throw the book at them when they are caught and sentenced to jail!

  • RAM

    I agree with you Chris. They should have called the police right away and taken her picture, picture of the car she drove up in, the plate number. But it sounds like nothing is going to happen to these perps, until they find out who did it, and then if the people that did the damage are financially able to pay for the damages. I think I would put up another party post and see if the same ones would come back for a party, then shoot all of them right there and then. Problem solved.

    • Greg

      When they get there invite them inside, then shoot them. That way you can claim Castle Law and that you were simply defending your house. Sounds like a great idea to me, police sure won’t do anything to solve it.


    I think they should have a benefit to help these people out if their insurance did not kick in yet. People help out when there are other disasters and I call this a DISASTER!

  • Shirlene

    SInce they have already put up $30k to fix the house it wouldn’t cost much more to take everyone responsible to civil courts and get restitution and some of their money back. That’s ridiculous and if the former homeowner had anything to do with this I would go after them first. What they did to these people is despicable!!

  • Lin

    Do not move into a house or accept ownership without first having your insurance granted. You always have this set up before you move in anywhere. How did this not happen?

    • Krys

      “Just hours after the Kaisers closed and changed the locks, a raucous party left damage that seems never-ending.”

  • Sarah

    I know this couple has done fraudulent thing before. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just another one of their scams!

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