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Police release 13 more mugshots of men patronizing prostitutes in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Police have released another 13 mugshots of suspects charged with patronizing prostitutes in the first district. This part of a new program to stop sex workers by targeting their customers.

After “Johns” are arrested and charged, their mug shots will be made readily available to the media. Then they’ll receive a reminder card, which tells them when and where they were caught, and cautions them about STD’s. The card also warns them that their lewd behavior is illegal, and gives them a court date.

These patrons then face a $500 fine, and/or prison time.

Read more about the program here: Police hopes new strategy ends prostitution in south St. Louis


  • RAM

    And the whores are free to roam .I guess the working girls are too cranked up to realize that cops are pretending to be hookers and are invading their territory. Why aren’t undercover police used to get the Working girls and plaster their mug shots on the site. Can you say ONE SIDED STORY?

  • metatronking

    good job boys. dont let a little notoriety slow you down. keep pokin them ho’s. But, do you know how many tricks that 500
    dollar fine would have paid for?

  • Sofa King Milfin

    St. Louis and their ineffective ways will never stop prostitution. That gives job security to the pussy posse.

  • John

    Sorry you police are just out of it …This is just like Drug’s in the Lou it will NEVER stop go eat the Doughnut’s and Drink you’re Coffee most of these street walker’s are Heroin user’s you Real think you”re going to stop some thing like that I’m all for it but good luck

  • Cindy Sacks

    Legalize it! Control it, tax it, get it off the streets. You’re not going to stop it. It’s the world’s oldest profession. If a person can legally get paid to use their skills to cut your hair or make a drink, why not prostitution?

  • chuckno torious

    You mean to tell me the released these citizens images before even being proved guilty in a court of law? Plainly says suspects. Shame shame. Guilty until proven innocent, keep hating and don’t bother learning the constitution.

  • Sofaking Wetodded

    How about getting the hookers off the streets and hitting them with REAL sentences involving rehab and a chance to get an education leading to real jobs instead of busting them multiple times until they’re dead from their own vices? The johns will always be there. But if you make getting busted for prostitution something to be afraid of, it would be more effective

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