STL Moms: Dissecting electronic cigarettes

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STL Moms (KTVI) -  Electronic cigarettes are supposed to be designed to wean adults off of smoking, but new research suggests that they may do the exact opposite for children.  Several lawmakers have asked the FDA to issue e-cigarette regulations, especially regarding the marketing and sale to minors.

Pediatrician Dr. Kathleen Berchelmann, with St. Louis Children's Hospital, explains how these regulations will protect our children.


  • Kent Hutchinson

    Where is this research that you’re referencing that shows e-juice causing cancer cells to grow? Myself and my customers would be very interested in the details of said research.

  • mike jones

    Yeah because this all makes sense. With flavored vodka like cotton candy, pumpkin pie, also including jelly bellys draft beer flavored jelly beans…this society is full of idiots

  • I Vape

    Fox2-you’re ridiculous….rather than yet another lazy, barely researched story on ecigs? Besides the above mentioned multitude of candy and dessert flavored alcohols- there are dozens of other products all approved by FDA and targeted for adults but used and abused by children/minors. First and foremost, CIGARETTES…here’s a thought,maybe parents should PARENT and quit trying to place blame on the products intended for and marketed to adults.

    Ps- a super easy, quick google search will show your staff to some pretty sound research on the brilliance of ecigs and their use towards a non smoking public.

  • Kent Hutchinson

    I am appalled at this blatant misinformation! It’s things like this that could very well destroy a product that has the potential to save HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of lives. Shame on you for airing this turd of a report. I think I speak for nearly everyone in the vaping community when I say minors should not use these devices. No reputable retailer will stand for it. We are all pushing for the mayor to sign the under 18 ban. Why don’t you put tomatoes, eggplant and any of the other vegitables on blast for containing nicotine while you’re at it!

  • Liz

    I’m tired of this stupidity that the flavours are for children. They are not. What is common when users switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigs is that after two or three weeks, users no longer like the taste of tobacco. It happens naturally and is part of the miracle of the e-cig. The physical and psychological urge to “smoke” is still there, so in order to keep from going back to regulars, users change flavours. The ones that taste the best tend to be candy, fruit, minty fruit, and other sweets. It has nothing to do with enticing children. It has to do with quitting SUCCESSFULLY, If it was just a matter of nicotine replacement, I assure you, the patch and gum would have a much higher success rate. It’s not about that at all. E-cigs are a miracle. And I have almost 14 months of smoke-free e-cig use to vouch for their success. I don’t know any store, local or online, that will even sell to children. And, for the record, I’m in my mid-30’s and happen to like cotton candy, thank you very much. I still get it at the ballpark once a year as a treat.

  • Todd gray

    This is just one sided and misinformed info. Alcohol has changed their flavor to included tons of dessert flavors and othe candy flavors but no one goes after them because it is a big company. Please get informed e cigs do help and most of not all shop try to prevent sales to minors and keep people off of this if they have never smoked. This is just big time politics and the smashing of the small people tring to change their lives

  • rose

    The more people with cancer the more money for research they get. They can’t afford a cure for cancer, if there is the slightest chance that e-cigs might actually help people in decreasing the chance of lung cancer, they will not allow it, they would lose to much research money.

  • pissed at fox

    Wow. You guys are idiots. How about sourcing your “studies” and “research”? Your report is one sided and reeks of propaganda adverts. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Sherry

    This story is nothing but propaganda. Fall in line sheeple and believe all the BS they are spitting at you. Just put it on the shelf next to Loopy Vodka! No children will use it then. Or tax the heck out it. Yeah that’ll solve the “children” issue.

  • Don't believe everything they tell you.

    Every time that you report on E-Cigarettes, you spew a bunch of false information about them and try to make them look worse than actual cigarettes. Meanwhile you conveniently fail to mention anything about the millions of people who are now living better, healthier lives because of E-Cigarettes. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people out there (and more to come) who will NOT come down with a smoking related illness and suffer, because they switched to vaping instead of continuing to smoke. I’m willing to bet that everyone who works at Fox 2 knows somebody who is living a better life because of vaping. That still won’t stop you from spreading lies though, will it? I’m sure glad that my job doesn’t require me to lie to the public and scare people into continuing to use a deadly product like cigarettes.

    Us vapers aren’t buying your stories because we have experienced the positives of vaping first hand, and sooner or later, whenever the rate of smoking related illnesses/deaths have dropped by half or more, the rest of the public will know just how full of it you really are too.

  • Relaxing Classics

    “I don’t like broccoli … and I haven’t liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I’m President of the United States, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli.”

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