Timber wolves get loose from home near Robertsville, MO

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Wolves are on the loose in Franklin County, and the Missouri Department of Conservation wants you to be on the lookout.

The two gray (timber) wolves are between 100-and-150 pounds, the breeder who raised them has a class 2 wildlife license; which allows the breeder to raise the wolves but they got out of their cage at a residence in the 800 block of Moon Light Trail near Robertsville. A witness spotted the two wolves Sunday night and the breeder has been looking for them ever since.

I spoke with the Missouri Department of Conservation and they told me that these wolves have been held captive, so they will be skittish around people. The department isn't sure how they will behave when they get hungry, but said the breeder may have been feeding them some sort of dog food.

If you do spot these wolves, keep your distance and give the Missouri Department of conservation a call at 636-441-4554 or the Franklin County Sherriff’s Department at 636-583-2560.

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    • Rachel

      The people that are uneducated and show no compassion towards these beautiful wonderful animals need to be killed because it’s because of those kind of people wolves have such a bad rap. We know the man who raised these wolves and he is a wonderful person and loves his ” dogs “. He was creating a new safe place for them and they slipped out. He fed them well ( not just dog food as someone worded it ) and took owning them very seriously. People will never change….. A lot of people still have the mentality of the uneducated in the 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s and earlier on to just shoot them. Wolves almost became extinct because of it. Yellowstone brought Canadian wolves back to the park because wolves were no longer around and because the wolves were gone everything else started suffering. Wolves are not bullies as a lot put it they are just part of a cylcle like everything else. It was wrong for the news media to get involved knowing that some people will shoot them instead of doing the right thing and contacting Missouri conservation. I will get off my high horse but to those of you who are uneducated on the matter please! Get facts!

      • rose

        There are several wolves in the area I live, I’ve spotted them several times myself, nobody bothers them, they generally stay away from people, these two particular wolves may be different because they have lived in captivity around people.

      • Wendy Green

        Thank you Rachel for being so intelligent and compassionate about these wolves! How refreshing! When I heard this story I knew in my heart that most likely these wolves will be killed. How very SAD!!! So many people are terribly uneducated regarding wolves and many people have such hatred for this majestic and beautiful animal. The hatred is unfounded-it is from the Red Riding Hood mentality. People need to evolve and understand that there is a REASON for EVERY animal on this planet-to me-man is the LEAST important one. Man takes pleasure in destroying everything that is beautiful in this world…………….

  • Valerie W.

    They need to set up LIVE HUMANE traps & lure them in! Or, at the least, get a licensed veterinarian, or conservation officer in there with tranquilizer darts. They don’t need to be killed, just captured & contained in a safe place, maybe even the Wolf Conservation Center/Wild Candid Research Center. They could help, they’re right off Hwy. 44 at Antire Rd.

  • Steven Sweeney

    First off, NOBODY should be allowed to keep wolves.Just like the geniuses that have to keep tigers and alligators, knowing the risk is escalated if they ever get out.Everyone remembers the lady who got her face eaten of by the chimp right?Just like so many dog owners, these geniuses can;t even handle the responsibility of a simple leash law.These geniuses need to face the maximum fine, get a bill from law enforcement and do 90 days for endangering every man, woman, and child in their community, just for a simple misguided whim.

    • theravenofnevermore

      Do you have any idea how stupid you are? It wasn’t a matter of him out walking his wolves on a leisurely stroll. They were in a containment and got out. You should seriously go off yourself because your level of ignorance is just sad. Wolves are different than tigers or chimps, and even tigers and chimps can be trained and handled responsibly.

  • thiel

    Look wild life licence is more than a piece of paper it is a certificate that you get after going through hours of classes and a class two ment they went above and beyond. There trained like keepers in zoos .further more no has stricter laws on owning wildlife and exotics.DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU JUDGE!

  • rose

    I agree, do not kill them if they don’t have to. Wolves are not pets, they are not dogs, and are not domestic, they are wild animals. how many bad experiences with wild animals do people need to have before they realize this. Like Steven said, the chimp that almost killed a lady, how many times has a Boa got into a crib with a child and killed them, many, and the people act astonished that it happened. Even dogs bred with wolves are not safe, very nervous, and have to be pinned because they are wild and have no sense of home.

  • A.Schaper

    if they come near my horses i wont have much choice but to shoot them. the breeder should have taken better measures to ensure that they did not get loose

  • Judith

    I lived in Montana near a wolve sanctuary. The people cared for them and raised the pups hand fed. They had numerous types from all over the states. They studied them. They at times got loose. They are less harmless being raised by humans. And they are just as scared of you as you are them. They dont seek to attack people. But they will other animals. They could be an endangered species. And also…we have taken over most wildlifes territory. Where can they go and live anymore?

  • Rachel

    The person who killed the male wolf did it because the wolf killed one of his sheep. Why didn’t he have his sheep in a more secure area because there are other predators out there? Don’t blame the wolf blame yourself for not making sure your livestock is protected from outside threats as for anyone else out there with livestock.

    • Steven Sweeney

      So the sheep owner should control a passive, domesticated animal but the wolf owner shouldn’t? Wolves are FAR more dangerous than sheep.Usually smarter than most animal lovers too.

      • Rachel

        You don’t sound to smart there Stevo. All owners should make sure their animals are in a secure area and as for the sheep owner he or she should know there are other predators out there and
        he or she should make a safer place for his or her animals so they are protected from them. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. The country bumpkin mentality will forever blow my mind! You sound just as ignorant as the sheep owner who shot the wolf for doing what comes natural and not protecting his or her sheep from all predators. I feel sorry for you and all the others that are just like you.

    • Becka

      Seriously? Do you know how high a wolf can jump? Think german shepherd on steroids. Unless the sheep are locked in a barn 24/7 they aren’t safe. I’ve lost thousands of dollars worth of sheep and goats to feral dogs (from multiple dogs because they were all killed for it) that went through multiple layers of fencing to get to the animals. I sure hope the owner of these wolves is made to pay for the damage his animals have caused, probably won’t though.

  • Roxane

    Very well said Rachel, people do need to get educated on these beautiful animals. The wolves were roaming around this country before man moved in and forced them out of their habitats… I pray they find the female wolf before some trigger happy uneducated country bumpkin can kill her..

  • Steven Sweeney

    These animal lovers kill me..The special classes sure didn’t help this genius contain the wolves did they? Wolves are NOTORIUS for killing livestock and even people which is why so many conservation departments allow them to be hunted.I find it amusing that so many women who can’t even handle birth control feel they have the right to have a 150 pound killing machine.Then when they are irresponsible with that ALSO, they have the nerve to judge and advise others.Deny the permits and shoot the wolves and keep these irresponsible, clueless liberals out of the animal business.

      • Steven Sweeney

        They are actually.I’m successful and responsible, which is why I’m not a liberal like you. Liberals LIKE YOU are hypocrites and very un intelligent.You cannot comprehend personal responsibility, then attack others for not fixing YOUR mistakes.Classes sure DIDN’T help contain the wolves did they? Innocent sheep and farmers were VICTIMIZED because of it.But clueless liberals like you and this brain dead wolf owner blame others because they can’t handle personal responsibility.Wolves and their clueless owners should BOTH BE IN CAGES!

    • Rachel

      Do you really think it’s wise to bring up being clueless?? Um from what I understand from your again! Very uneducated comments you think all wolves should be killed and I’m assuming you think ALL predators should be killed because they are all ” killing machines “. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?? Do you even have the slightest clue what that would do to everything else?? It sounds like you really need to go back to school and learn the basics. Us ” liberals ” as you so nicely worded it want to see animals and man flourish together in peace and we respect ALL living things as they are. To judge us is hypocritical and to have an opinion you clearly know nothing about makes you look ignorant. Keep your opinions and nose out of things you aren’t capable of understanding.

  • Steven Sweeney

    As far as “back to school” YOU need fourth grade English, BADLY! All I EVER stated was some animals particularly the ones that aren’t domesticated, should NEVER be kept.Some two hour class at a community college doesn’t properly instruct the care or responsibility of these animals.I was Obviously correct, as the wolf escaped and murdered a sheep, and was killed for it.Most if not all curators do NOT own wild animals such as wolves, tigers, and chimps for good reason.They are not meant to be as they were never domesticated and therefore caused a hazard to their communities.You cannot even fathom grammar, or the hypocrisy of your stance, so please, go back to school.maybe then you can compose a valid argument, a paragraph with syntax, or even acquire some common sense.

    • Rachel

      It’s very amusing to me how offended you get when us ” liberals ” judge you and put you in your place but we are supposed to just listen to you rant and rave about things you don’t understand and things you need to go back to school for. You sound more and more ridiculous with every comment you post. If livestock owners cannot afford safer places for them they should not own livestock and definitely not take their lack of responsibility out on the predators that prey on them. Isn’t man supposed to be smart?

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