Two people die after cell phone falls into toilet

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XINXIANG CITY, CHINA –  A lost cell phone has left two people dead and several others injured in China.

It happened after a woman dropped her new cell phone into an “open pit” toilet,  according to the South China Morning Post.

When her husband tried to retrieve it from the pit, which was knee-deep in sewage, he was knocked unconscious by the smell.  His mother went in to rescue him and also fainted.

The woman, her father-in-law and two neighbors also jumped in and all fainted.

All six people were rescued when neighbors lower a rope into the pit.  The woman’s husband and mother-in-law died at the hospital. Two others were also hospitalized.

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  • ihatebyebye

    If you can’t afford to lose a phone, you can’t afford one to begin with. If the money is the issue, they now know they can’t afford a phone, and because they wanted to be in the technology loop, it cost them lives. Idiots. This just goes to show that stupid people breed even stupider people.

  • Mary Schenewerk

    Why in this world of AIDS would someone jump in a public toilet for anything? A cell phone is not that important that you would lose your life. I don’t care if it cost a million dollars.

  • Brenda

    And some USA pork and chicken companies sold out to China. Livestock USA raised, shipped to China for slaudering and processed in terrible conditions. Then, shipped to USA for sale! Very lack regulations or absence of any! Crazy!!!

  • Jim Peel

    “… he was knocked unconscious by the smell. His mother went in to rescue him and also fainted.”
    It wasn’t the smell, it was the methane gas which displaced the oxygen. They essentially dove into an environment devoid of oxygen. Sad.

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