Teen charged for skipping class to film porn in high school hallway

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WELLSTON, MO (KTVI) - A Normandy High School junior is facing child pornography charges, accused of recording a sexual act between two minors on his cell phone.

Wellston police say three students skipped class, and met in a downstairs hallway, away from the classrooms. That’s when 17-year-old Martez Young-Caldwell allegedly encouraged a 15-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy to engage in a sexual act.

Wellston Police Chief G. Thomas Walker says Young-Caldwell recorded a video of the sexual act on his cell phone, and then turned the camera around to show his own face: “It’s just the best evidence you can have; a picture of him, filming, and showing himself on the film.”

Walker says the incident happened June 3rd. Within a day, Normandy security confiscated the 17-year-olds phone for evidence. Young-Caldwell admitted what he did to investigators, although Walker says he didn’t seem to understand its severity, or the child pornography charges he’d face.

The Wellston chief explains, “In his thinking, 15, 16, 17, they’re all the same, and I think right now we’re living in a culture where everybody wants to put everything on YouTube, and you just can’t do that. And this was a situation where it obviously was a clear-cut violation of the law.”

At 17, Young-Caldwell can be tried as an adult. He is now being held on a $25,000 bond, charged with Promoting Child Pornography in the 2nd Degree.

“The people involved were not the only ones that saw it and that would constitute the promoting of child pornography, by showing it to someone else,” explains Walker, “The word got around to security, and they immediately investigated.”

While Young-Caldwell remains in jail, Normandy School District Spokesperson Daphne Dorsey says it’s unclear whether the other students involved will be disciplined. She explains, “We are reviewing the alleged incident. Disciplinary action will be based on our policies and procedures.”

Normandy’s school year ends on June 12th. Next year, the Wellston police chief says his officers will have an increased presence on campus, to prevent violence, and incidents like this, from interfering with learning.

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  • Fed Up

    NORMANDY…..why am I not surprised…..and this district has the audacity to demand a bailout from Missouri taxpayers.

  • JF

    I think it’s just as disturbing about the 15 and 16 year old doing that in the hallway at school! Where are the teachers, principal, school monitors?!?! If my children were there I would be outraged!

  • Brandon

    Not condoning the act in any way, but this kids life is over. He will always be labeled as the worst of the worst, a child porn offender.

  • zante

    And we are wondering why Normandy Schools are failing. It is unrealistic to ask for miracles when your clientele is like this.

    • C

      Please don’t be mistaken, Normandy is not the only school that has this type of behavior. The best schools in the city have had this happen, it just wasn’t televised. And no one’s asking for a miracle. they just want to give these kids the education they deserve.

  • Mother of 2 Normandy high school graduates

    That’s right Normandy graduate..My son just graduated from there this year class of 2014. they always try to make Normandy look bad when it is no different than any other high school in the stl. Things happen at other schools like Francis Howell they do things there as well it’s just not being talked about because they are too busy trying to bring Normandy down.

    • Ken

      ,,,and Mom chimes in. Yes dear, other schools do have problems, but not to this extent and not with the frequency of Normandy and other similar schools. All that is needed is to look up statistics from the state. No emotion, no conspiracy, no agenda. Face it your school district is a failure because parents like you allowed it to happen and now want to make excuses for it.

    • 2 cents

      how are other schools bringing normandy down other schools whant those kids out if anything they will go remove the graffiti just to help it open next year if it does ?

  • vicki mason

    It is not only sad that the kids did this but the fact that 3 minors did wrong and the police are trying to ruin the rest of that young man’s life trying him as an adult after openly admitting that he was to dumb to realize the severity of the charges. The students did something stupid they all were in on it charge them all for public indecency and be done with with it. If there was proper supervision this would never happen. why has the state not taken that school over yet!

    • Joe

      Let us hear more excuses. The poor kid. He can’t be held accountable, he is just a kid, why ruin his life. You know what they say about excuses!!!


    Welp yes Im back and you guys are very discriminating people I personally feel sorry for your kids knowing what kind of parents they have saying things like this about children in school just like them … How the hell do you expect students to have something to look up to when people like you guys are CONSTANTLY bringing our district down as a whole you tend to take away the little faith that we do carry as a student body ! But you know what all this bull you guys are posting is just sad as adults you should be looking for a way to help the students if anything since other schools dont want Normandy students how can we take their study habits and their ways of learning and place them in failing districts ? But no one thinks about this but parents who voice their opinion and constantly are looked over this is crazy to me how ingorant you people are and how discouraging you can be too young students im 18 years old and i have faith in NORMANDY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY !!!! Graduated and All

    • Lexi

      Dont let the ignorance of others upset you. The parents making these comments are racist bigots and some people can never change. Be proud that you graduated and you seem to be very intelligent. Most white schools have mass shootings, but no, dont blame their parents. These idiost hide behind computers saying things they will never say in public. I am proud of u!!

  • D

    Normandy Graduate congratulations, don’t let ignorant comments upset you, the school shootings we all know who that belongs to. Continue your education and I’m glad you are proud of where you came from. These people on here will have to answer to a higher power on how ignorant and insensitive they are. Some people will never change, they were brought up to be bigots.

  • Theirry Less

    The district is failing because of inadequate hiring practices of the district. I had a discussion with the director of Secondary and Elementary education and, ver batum, he said the distrct hired former teachers from failing districts such as Jennings and Wellston. How can anyone with some brain matter not realize that if those teachers helped fail one school, that they would not fail another? THIS is the problem. Sure, it starts at home with good parenting. Teaching kids right from wrong should be the basis of all parenting. But parents can’t attend school with their kids, so we trust that the educators and school staff will continue to guide them in the proper direction. Hard to do when your staff and teachers have no desire to do that at all. Normandy has very bad staffing issues and you can point the finger at the district for misappropriating funds to hire better teachers. Where were the security guards when this happened? What about off-duty teachers roaming halls to check for students cutting class? Happened back in my day…

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