Death penalty won’t be sought in SE Missouri case

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BLOOMFIELD, MO (AP) – Prosecutors in southeast Missouri have dropped plans to seek the death penalty in the case of a man accused in a 2010 killing.

Aubrey Finch was stabbed to death at his home in Bernie, Missouri.  Prosecutors charged Allen McCoy and his wife, Angela McCoy, with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and first-degree robbery, and originally planned to seek the death penalty for Allen McCoy.

Questions have been raised about McCoy’s mental competency.  Earlier this year, the Missouri Department of Health ruled that McCoy is in fact competent for trial.

Still, the Dexter Daily Statesman reports that Stoddard County prosecutor Russell Oliver has decided not to seek the death penalty.

Angela McCoy is serving a 20-year sentence after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in April 2013.
Information from: Dexter Daily Statesman


  • Danny

    Way to go Missouri, show the criminals if they scream loud enough that the injection might hurt and make them suffer or that they claim they have to have a mental illness even after being cleared we wont seek the death penalty, if you cause death to someone else intentionally you should be put to death intentionally and I do not care how much pain you are in as you did not care about the pain you were causing to the victim, since when and why do the criminals have more rights than the victims, I thought when you committed a crime you gave up your rights and suffered the consequences, this is the biggest problem with this country, NO CONSEQUENCES for your actions, put the man to death and be done with it and do not allow 20 years plus of appeals, another problem.

    • rose

      DANNY, you are so right, but you wouldn’t believe the rights these guys actually have, and they remind us of them on a daily basis. Once they are convicted and sentenced, all rights should be abolished, nope, some bleeding heart liberal is not going to allow that to happen. These criminals they feel so sorry for should go live with them in their homes and let them feed them and pay all medical cost.

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