Two suspects in custody after shooting in Festus Walmart bathroom

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FESTUS, MO (KTVI) - A man has been shot inside a Jefferson County Walmart bathroom.  Two suspects are in police custody in connection with this shooting.

The Festus Police Department says that the man was shot through the hand and face.  The injuries appear to be non-life threatening.  The victim is being treated at a hospital in St. Louis.

Festus police were able to find the suspects about 20 minutes after taking a description from the victim.  A 33-year-old DeSoto man and a 30-year-old Festus man matched the description of the suspects.  Police believe that this is an isolated incident.  They say the victim and the suspects had some sort of relationship before the shooting.


    • craig parker

      The people who did the shootings in LV are NOT patriots and are in no way,shape or form revolutionists. They are not what Militia is about.
      Get your story straight on what you call “Revolutionist”. Those two were insane and are far from being Patriots. You’re the kind of person that hasn’t a clue.

  • Danny

    No who, why etc? Usually we are in such a hurry to report the news we made a 100 typo’s and grammatical errors which I don’t understand with Spell Check but this story which I have interest in as a resident of Jefferson County has NO INFORMATION at all, you should have just said Shooting at Festus Wal-Mart, more to follow.

  • Curious......

    Another great day In Jeff Co…………………..I guess trailer trash went hunting, huh Steven?

    • Jmmy Russels

      hey guys, I found the street rat that thinks a safer place to live isn’t worthy of his presence.

  • Kasey

    Dear God I hope they hire a BIO-Hazard company to clean it up so they don’t expose the public to disease. If there is a bodily fluid spill or bio-incident, they usually just have the workers clean it up and throw it away. Where is the Center for Disease control or the health department??? Gross!

  • Linda Lou Henson

    Shot in a bathroom.Great.Its not bad enough people bring there phones with cameras .Standing there pretending to be texting.But really getting pics .Now we have to worry about being shot with our pants down in the middle of a bowel movement.Go figure

  • TC

    Colbert -Facts are straight! I am only speaking for the one who was really the the victim in this case. Yes they have have warrants in process right now for two of them and one of them is for the who everyone assumed to be the victim.

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