Wanted: Replacement for Tim Ezell…sort of…

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(KTVI) - Since FOX 2 announced that Tim Ezell was leaving in July, the phones have been ringing off the hook with people who want to replace him.

But some of those resumes and calls are coming from a place you wouldn't expect -- inside FOX 2!

Watch April cry as Tim says goodbye...


  • Angi Cotter

    I have called St. Louis my home for almost 20 years and I am so incredibly blessed that Tim Ezell has been apart of my mornings making me smile, laugh and sometimes just shake my head for 16 of those years! While the morning show will never be the same without you, Tim, I am so very excited that you are choosing to serve the Lord full time! Thank you, Tim, for all the fun and you will be greatly missed!!

  • Debi Purchase-Jones

    I can’t imagine fix news without Tim. He has made me laugh through some of the darkest times of my life. He is truly a gift and a unique, raw talent. I will miss him. Whoever, I am thankful to know his choice is SERVING the kingdom of GOD!! I am going to visit the church for sure!!! Great choice, we can’t be selfish, he is going to do a greater work!!! Tim you will be missed!

  • Michelle Oliver

    I remember when Tim first came to Fox. My dad made me watch one morning to see how crazy and goofy Tim is. My dad watched every morning to see what craziness Tim would bring to the t.v. next. My dad died 10 yrs ago at the young age of 52 and to this day everytime I see Tim I recall my dad making me sit next to him to watch Fox. Thank you Tim for my greatest memory and God Bless you!

  • Barbee LaVallee-Masterson

    Tim is like part of our family. He went over and above what was asked of him. His craziness, made our day start off with laughter. I can not say that about too many people any more. We will miss you Tim however, your leaving to serve the Lord is understandable. I can only imagine the influence you will have on people as your serve. I wish you and your family ALL God’s many blessings. Go with God.

  • Becky

    There is no replacing Tim Ezell! He is one of a kind…….a nice funny one of a kind! We will miss you Tim!!!

  • Vint Hoffeditz

    Tim Ezell is definitely a role model for all! I have enjoyed watching him countless times in the morning. Many people say that he and I are alike in many ways and that I should be on TV. In my opinion, Tim Ezell is irreplaceable! Those are big shoes to fill. We will all miss you Tim! Good Luck with your future and everything that comes your way. If I had an Idol from St. Louis, it would be Tim.

  • Kyna

    Why do you have to leave us like this! Its so hard to say goodby to family! Ur like a brother i never had i made sure i seen ur face for 15 years straight.ur like a smile that wont go away!!! Please just come and see us again!!! Dont leave they wont ever find another person like you that goes out the way to make sure everyone has a good morning !!! Im going to miss you! Wheres the jounry at?

    • rose

      I’m certain they have a good reason for keeping Angie Mock out the spotlight for several months now. Whatever theirs reasons are, I’m good with, she is a lousy reporter, but, mabie she would do o.k. with subjects that really don’t matter. She could never replace Tim.

    • jgibson233

      I I hope Angie Mock gets put back into mornings in some capacity (maybe even Tim’s slot), regardless of who replaces Ezell (assuming they stay in-house).

  • Jaime

    Tim, everyone that loves you has already said all of the things I wanted to say about how much you will missed on the 9AM show, and about how you start our mornings with a great dose of funny and an extra side of love for the city each and every day. Your dedication to your craft of journalism is not at all in vain for as much as we will miss seeing you daily, my family and I know that when God calls, you must answer, and we are certain that you will bring that same infectious zest to the pulpit where you are needed most. April’s tears is a true reflection of how much you will truly be missed. Godspeed to you and your family and a very big THANK YOU for the selfless gift of you to all of St. Louis!!! Take Care.

  • Just Me

    Maybe now I’ll turn on KTVI 2. Could not handle his immature stick. Never understood how an adult acted like such a idiotic fool.
    It’s hard to believe he lasted this long. I guess 12 year old’s are an important demographic for Channel 2

  • SJ

    Tim has been a part of our mornings for quite some time. It is really sad to see him leave Fox News, but understand that it is difficult to not answer a higher calling. Perhaps Tim can do a cameo here and there! Good Luck on the new journey that you are taking Tim. May that road bring you much happiness and joy in serving the Lord and the people of St Louis. You will definitely be missed. It is ashamed that there are some people out there that find it difficult to have a sense of humor about them have to leave negative comments, perhaps you can pray for them to at lease fins a little sunlight in their life’s :) Again you will be missed. Do you accept visitors at your new place of business? We would love to hear you preach! God’s Blessing on you and your family.

  • Pat Suydam

    Tim Ezell will always be one of my favorites on Channel 2
    He will certainly be missed by all.
    He was AWESOME!

  • Vanessa Miller

    Saddens me that you are leaving Tim, you are my favorite. The 9am segment will not be the same without you. But you are answering a higher calling. Im sure you make an amazing and very interesting pastor. Wish I lived close to the STL where I could come visit The Journey, but take care, you are loved and will NEVER EVER be forgotten! Bless you Tim ;)

  • Tim Ezell's higher calling

    Those are going to be some crazy high heels, clown shoes, Elvis shoes etc. To fill
    Good luck with that! Awww poor April!

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