Woman loses fight to save heroin-addicted son

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IMPERIAL, MO (AP) – Sherrie Gavan drew support from around the country when she attacked her son’s alleged drug dealer with a baseball bat, willing to do whatever it took to fight for her son.  That fight is over.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Klaeton Gavan died of a heroin overdose on Friday.  His younger brother found the 20-year-old’s body on the bathroom floor of the family’s home in Imperial, Missouri.

Gavan learned of Klaeton’s addiction in 2011.  She and her husband tried everything to help him.

None of it worked.  Fed up, Sherrie Gavan tracked down a man she said was her son’s dealer and struck him twice with a bat.

Gavan, 4-foot-11 and 115 pounds, was convicted of third-degree assault and placed on probation for two years.
Information from: St. Louis Post-Dispatch


  • Katrina

    A mother’s love unconditional and she was trying to protect her son
    and thought that was the best way ….If he wasn’t ready to get clean then there was nothing she could have done regardless I SUPPORT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelley

    Another life taken by the devil, sorry for your loss Gavan family. You must stop the dealers and distributers, to stop the epidemic.

  • Fed Up

    So very sad…..prayers for the Gavan family. Kelley you’re 100% correct….it IS an epidemic and education is the key!

    • mark

      Please kindly point to where Kelley made any reference to “[education being key]”. She compared a very real and deadly drug to a nonsense, fictional character that can supposedly do anything… this is your idea of education? Is of little wonder that people are dropping like flies from addiction with simple minds like these on the task of educating our youth of real dangers they will face in life.

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