Citing tourism, town bans open carrying of guns

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LAKE OZARK, Mo. (AP) _ City leaders in a Lake of the Ozarks community have voted to ban open carrying of firearms to boost the area’s image as a family friendly tourist destination.

The Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen on Tuesday voted 4-2 to approve the ban, which still allows permit-holders to carry concealed weapons. The Lake Sun Leader reports the measure was initiated by Police Chief Mark Maples in response to concerns from residents and business owners.

Current Missouri law allows anyone of legal age to openly carry a firearm without a permit. A bill passed this year by the state Legislature would forbid municipalities from prohibiting people from openly carrying weapons f they also have a conceal-and-carry permit.

Opponents of the ordinance argued that it violates their Second Amendment rights.
Information from: Lake Sun Leader ,


  • nightgrave

    There is nothing wrong with open carry. This is shown anti gunners try to control gun owners. What a joke. If people do not open carry. Then stay home.

    • Mascoutan

      This is the result of the constant barrage of anti-gun propaganda. The hysteria has gotten to the point where seemingly rational people now wet themselves and run away if they happen to see even the likeness of a firearm. (Kid suspended for biting a pop tart into a barely discernable shape of a gun, kid suspended for twirling his pencil “like he was twirling a gun” – the lunacy goes on and on…)

  • Liz

    What is the point of open carry, except to arrogantly display “I have a right to carry and so I will”. It scares people. With all the school shootings, mall shootings, theatre shootings – how would anyone know that someone walking around with a gun blatantly displayed wasn’t about to open fire? You want your guns for protection? Fine, whatever. But get over yourselves with this stupid arrogance that guns are your right and you can have them whenever and for whatever reason you want. It doesn’t work that way and it’s not necessary. People brandishing guns get shot, either by police thinking you’re about to open fire, or other wannabe heroes that think you’re about to open fire. Put them away.

  • lsl guy

    I have never been scared of a legal gun on someones hip. Liz you get scared everytime you see a police officer?

  • TheREALByeBye2TheSickoRite

    Well, you nutcases must understand, this town is simply trying to appeal to the M A J O R I T Y of sensible people who don’t want our country to be like Iraq or the Wild West.

    And because polls show the VAST MAJORITY of people have sense and think open carry is an insulting, primitive, pathetic behavior of people with serious mental issues, they are doing the right thing.

    So you hicks for open carry don’t like it? Go move to Iraq – you’ll be much more at home in their primitive, barbaric society where people routinely shoot their guns to settle THEIR religious psych hangups – JUST LIKE YOU.

    P.S. Sorry – nothing in the Constitution about open carry. Get over it. You open carry people are just sick – go get professional help – please.

    • nightgrave

      There is nothing in the constitution that say you can not open carry you are Anti American. Get some help. Your Doctor hall pills to help your mental problem.

    • bryan

      Please cite collected data from “polls” that would be from a reputable source. Otherwise I am calling you out on this. Missouri is an open carry state by law. Not your opinion. There is not a single reason that a person should not be able to carry a pistol openly, on their side, in public. The ordinance that Lake of the Ozarks has passed is without question, unconstitutional. And for people stating that “police are supposed to carry” but not citizens, is just another uninformed citizen that has no concern for history. Our right to bear arms is the one and only thing that insures protection from a tyrannical government. If you have any doubts about this, ask someone who survived Hitler during the holocaust or a Chinese person who has witnessed Tienanmen Square in person. Please grow up and leave puppy dog and lollipop land. The world is a very dangerous place. You just haven’t noticed it because guns and brave men have provided the very freedom and comfort that you do not understand…..

  • Fed Up

    “Current Missouri law allows anyone of legal age to openly carry a firearm without a permit. A bill passed this year by the state Legislature would forbid municipalities from prohibiting people from openly carrying weapons if they also have a conceal-and-carry permit”.
    The Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen and Police Chief Mark Maples……typical “anti-Second amendment” liberals.

  • nightgrave

    I open carry my hand gun. Because I do not have my CCP yet. But I have gotten death threats from the drug addicts here where I live. And I am not the only one who carries here. We are sick of the threats.

  • St. Tann

    If people read history on gun control. They will see that long a go back in the day. That white people ban black from owning by s. Look it up.

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