Dunkin Donuts employee accused of pocketing money

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– An employee at Dunkin Donuts at Lambert St. Louis International Airport is accused of stealing hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.

Police say Annie Lewis charged customers for a 42 cents donut hole when they bought and paid for items that cost a lot more then pocketed the change.

Investigators say Lewis admitted taking about $600 using the scheme.

However, the store owner says she took $5,000.


  • Joe

    Thankfully this didn’t happen on National Doughnut Day, it would have marred the holiday for years to come!!

  • Corn Row

    Doh! Guess all them nickel and dimes gonna be needed for bonds, court costs, visiting parole officers, finding a new job, and some new corn row extensions after jail.

  • joe harper

    Thats what happens when you hire the worthless citizens of society! But I guess now taxpayers have to pay her unemployment… we lose either way.

    • Billy Hill

      Sometimes they’re in between babies, you know the ones we pay for delivery, room and board so mommy can raise the precious darling.

    • Nat Sirius

      You DO realize that because she was fired for felony stealing, the owner does not have to pay unemployment, right? Termination WITH cause means the employer can fight paying unemployment, and in a case like this, they’d win.

  • Fed Up

    “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”
    (Albert Einstein)
    How’s that “hope and change” you voted for, workin’ out for ya Annie?

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