“I’m surprised she cried!” Big brother surprises his sister at her high school graduation ceremony

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MILWAUKEE, WI (WITI) — An emotional surprise for a high school graduate on Tuesday evening — during her graduation ceremony. Her big brother — a United States Airman, showed up, and it was a big surprise! Inside the Milwaukee School of Languages, graduating seniors prepare for a moment a lifetime in the making.

“Happy to finally be done with high school!” Ariana Gomez said.

“Such a proud day. I`m very happy to be walking across the stage,” Kamauri Wallace said.

“I`m excited. A little nervous,” Kayla Brewer said.

It was a day Brewer shared with her mom — who proudly took pictures of her high school graduate.

“I`m going to Lewis University to play basketball,” Brewer said.

What Brewer didn’t know before the ceremony was that someone else close to her would be in attendance!

Kayla Brewer’s big brother Dawson is on leave from the Air Force and decided to surprise his little sister at her high school graduation ceremony.

“I told her purposely, like — hey, I couldn’t take leave,” Dawson Brewer said.

Kayla Brewer was under the impression her brother was far away in Japan Tuesday.

The two haven’t seen each other in nearly a year — but Dawson says he wanted to come home as a gift to his sister.

“Just like a last present for her before she`s going away for college to let her know she`s special,” Dawson Brewer said.

Inside the school’s auditorium on Tuesday evening, there was the usual pomp and circumstance — with speeches and the delivery of diplomas.

When Kayla Brewer accepted her diploma, her brother was watching from a hiding spot.

“To be honest she`s tough. She won`t cry, but I think she`ll be more surprised than anything — like at a loss for words,” Dawson Brewer said.

Then, after all the diplomas are awarded, a surprise announcement was made.

Kayla Brewer was called onto the stage.

The principal told Kayla Brewer he had a message from her brother — who was actually waiting backstage.

“He has some things he wanted me to share with Kayla on this special day,” the principal said.

Then, Kayla Brewer looks to her left — and surprise is written all over her face.

“That panned out way better than I thought it would! I’m surprised still right now that she cried,” Dawson Brewer said.

“I haven’t seen him in forever, and I was not warned that he was coming. It means a lot. It means a lot. I miss him. It’s been hard,” Kayla Brewer said.

Dawson Brewer is home until July 7th.

He works in air transportation for the Air Force.

By Jenna Sachs

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