Masked man allegedly tries to abduct 9-year-old

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LAKE ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Lake St. Louis Police are keeping a close eye on churches, camps and day care centers where children may be this week.  An attempted abduction Wednesday night put them on alert.

A nine-year-old girl told officers a white male about six feet tall wearing dark clothes and a black ski mask offered her $20 if she would go with him.

"Good head on the young lady. She ran away, got with her parents and wound up telling them the story," said Police Chief Michael Force Thursday.  Force explained children had been outside the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints playing tag when the incident happened.

"I didn`t see anything myself," said Bishop Kirk Remund of the church.  Remund said adults had been outside on the property as various activities for children wrapped up Wednesday night about 8:30 pm.  But no adult actually saw the suspect.

"This is a little bit of a surprise to us all, a little bit of a shock and again we`re taking steps to protect our children when we have our activities at the church," Remund told FOX2 News.

The church building at Lake St. Louis Boulevard and South Henke Road is used by three separate 'wards' or congregations of the Mormon church on Sunday and during the week.  Remund said all the groups will discuss safety issues.
He also urged parents to talk to their children about how to respond to strangers who approach them.

Chief Force is urging members of the public to join in on the watch for anyone suspicious who is in areas children frequent.  "If there is behavior that seems out of the ordinary, please give us a call."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lake St. Louis Police at 636-625-8018.


      • MommaMeg

        I would like to know what she was doing alone at the age of 9 in a parking lot by herself? I would never send my female nine year old out to the car to grab something or any of my kids for that matter that late in the evening by themselves. BE VIGILANT WITH YOUR CHILDREN PEOPLE!
        But i digress…..I totally agree Bob something is not right in the state of denmark

      • Bob

        I’m just thinking that a man wearing a ski mask at 8:30 at night, looking for unaccompanied children isn’t something that happens often.

  • JC

    You would think they would correct it, since everyone is complaining about it. I guess their mistake is more important than the story at hand. Who cares if a kid was almost abducted, they said the wrong day!! Geez people, get your priorities straight.

  • Erika

    It’s less about denial and more about the story not making any, a guy approaches her and she runs inside, he hangs out in the parking lot with his ski mask one follows the girl back outside or flat out keeps her from going outside by herself after she tells them that a scary man in a mask approached her..I get that the world is filled with sick people that can do bad things at any moment but is there not something a little odd about this story or am I just not understanding it?

  • TheREALByeBye2TheSickoRite

    Are we sure this isn’t our Catholic archbishop – the one who “can’t remember” if assaulting a child is illegal? Are we sure it wasn’t the Bishop of this church who “didn’t see anything himself”??

    Do we know where they were during this event? I think police should investigate both of them. They are both Catholic priests, right? Hence suspects.

    Oh, wait – sorry – I must be wrong: This was a GIRL. LOL

  • joe harper

    $20, you kidding me?! Even kids should know it would take at least a $50, maybe more since he had a mask on. Agreed this story doesnt seem right. Noone else saw a guy driving around in a ski mask in the middle of june?

  • Super Cat

    Men in St. Charles, St. Peters and Lake St. Louis love to diddle children. And that’s a fact!

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