Missouri NAACP to push to abolish death penalty

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ The Missouri chapter of the NAACP is vowing to mount its “largest-ever effort” to abolish the death penalty in the state.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has historically opposed the death penalty, partly because of what it says are racial disparities in how it’s applied. The Missouri NAAACP says it will spend more time and resources than it ever has to rally people against the death penalty and pressure lawmakers to repeal it.

Missouri has recently accelerated its pace in executing inmates after several years in which court challenges slowed down the schedule.

The Republican-led Legislature has given no indication that it’s likely to repeal the death penalty.

Gov. Jay Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster, who are both Democrats, also have supported the death penalty.


  • rose

    In other words, the NAACP doesn’t care what the voters of Missouri vote on and pass, they only care about what they want. This is none of their business, they need to put their resources in educating people of the possible consequences of horrible crimes, All people.

  • Danny

    Exactly, Missouri has the death penalty and should use it MORE often and in a shorter time from sentence to death!

  • Cit Riverview

    Some of those who dislike many of my post, maybe on my side with this. We need to stop the death penalty. But in saying that, we need to really punish people more severely. Hard labor daily,no TV’s no Radio. Gruel fed to them daily.

    • rose

      CIT, That’s what they all should already have, doesn’t matter if waiting on execution or serving a 5 or 10 year sentence. They way it is now, it’s really not that bad, and no big deal if they violate parole and come back. Check out the stats with states that have brought hard labor and chain gangs back, 50% drop in return rate. It works.Less than 50 on Death Row in Missouri, the Death Penalty IS NOT ABUSED.

  • Carol Angelbeck

    CIT, you are so wrong concerning the death penalty, as we need to use it more often so these rapiest and murderers of our children understand that if you make the decision to murder an innocent person you are going to pay with your life. Missouri doesn’t even have a so called death row as they are out in general population and the only difference between them and you is that I hope you have a key to your front door.

    • rose

      CAROL, Yep, they are treated with all the privileges of all the other inmates, up until, they get an execution date, then they are put in isolation, or segregation from others.

  • Carol Angelbeck

    I for one am sick of hearing what the NAACP is going to do. THey need to use every resource available to them to educated their people that when you make the decision to murder an innocent victim, you lose all your rights and you give up your life as murder is a crime against the victim and society as a whole. The NAACP needs to quite using the race card as it has nothing to do with this issure, just look at the numbers sitting in Potosi waiting to be executed.

  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    Colored People need to stop killing colored people on the streets. But I guess those kind of rally’s, marches, and spending of resources are kinda futile. Best NAACP can do is blame the guberement for all the colored folks on death row. They need to show up at each execution they want to use as an example … but then again defending a child killers “right” to live a long life may cause some membership problems.

  • Damitrius

    No respect for the NAACP whatsoever, and please change the name, we haven’t used the term “colored people” since the 1960s

  • Steven Sweeney

    NAACP is nothing but a bunch of race baiting lobbyists, period.Funny how they took money from Sterling and people similar to him.Funny how the NAACP speaks up against the law and will of the people, and not one word about all the gang bangers and their violent crimes.Time for the NAACP to go.What have they EVER done?

  • Adam Murphy

    Dear NAACP of Missouri, keep your nose out of the John Winfield case…….its none of your business. Nobody is asking for your help. Sincerely Adam Murphy , brother of Shawnee Murphy

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