Parking prices at the zoo to increase during Fair St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  Fair St. Louis is going to be a completely different experience this year because the fair will be held in Forest Park.  Officials are hoping for people to come to Forest Park and enjoy the fair but because of the change, parking prices at the zoo will increase.

Admission to to the zoo will still be free, but for those who park in the north and south lots, parking will increase from $15 to $30.  The increase may push a lot of people to park in residential neighborhoods, so those who live near Forest Park should be prepared.  Between July 3rd through 5th, almost all of the attractions will be open from 8a.m. to 8p.m. and the Lakeside Cafe will stay open until 10p.m. The zoo entrances will remain open until 11p.m. for people who park in the zoo lots.



  • Ben Kelly

    Can anyone say Price Gouging! I think maybe the State Attorney General should look into this.

    • Bob

      If the price wasn’t high, you wouldn’t be parking there anyway because the lot would already be full.

  • Vince

    The figure is not surprising…just another screw to the people, fully knowing that the fools will pay it. Geez, just step back and look at the sheer theft that it is! And let’s already start projecting the vast volumes of car break-ins on these lots…”and we paid for…what?” I suppose it’s just another extremely clear example of the “ethic” permeating this country…”rake it in while you can; it’s not going to last or be there later; and screw everyone else…I want MINE!” Next comes the whining for funds to clean up the trashing that the park is going to be getting…ehh, say fall or winter, umm? And then most fools will be more than proud to “support” such a treasure…and shell out more…then comes next year after they all forgot and jump at the chance to pay $35….and the cycle continues to burn up this country! Everyone enjoy the fair!

  • Fed Up

    Democrats always portray themselves as a party of peace but when you look at crime and the most violent cities, they are run by Democrats! So tell me, what does this say about crime and Democrats? Somehow it must be President Bush’s fault huh Obama?

  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    If the folks in North St. Louis could see the business opportunity in this they could make some BIG money.
    #1) Use the vacant lots next door for parking. ($2)
    #2) Use the local ganstas for personal “security guards” , Tyrell and Darnell scare off any hood rats and guard da parked cars ($5)
    #3) Use the local crakheads to pull rickshaws full of fair goers (they can run all day on a dime bag) ($5)
    Total = $12 to park on the North side of town.

    • Vince

      Uh…as a matter of fact…free would be nice, since I pay tax dollars for the facility…BUT…I can understand a reasonable price (not $30) to park a vehicle on a piece of asphalt. Don’t always assume that any said commentary is b*tching about paying something. Not everyone is looking for “handouts”…it’s a matter of principle. At what point do people just stop “accepting” the screw over and start “saying something”. I suppose some (more like most) are just fine with being “sheeple” and “bending over” frequently…personally I have something to say about it instead!!

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