Report: Fox C-6 superintendent to step down in October

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(KTVI) - The superintendent at the middle of an alleged cyber-bullying scandal is stepping down in October.

According to our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Fox Superintendent Dianne Critchlow will retire October 31 and take a $130,299 payout.

The Post-Disptach says Critchlow's husband, Jamie, was fired from his job as the Bridges Alternative School director.

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  • Danny

    She gets paid $130,299 to step down after she “bullied” someone, really? Did I read that correctly? What a joke, no accountability there.

  • crioslobo

    She shouldn’t take anything, she is just taking more money from our children. But of course, it’s not like she was in it for the kids anyway. A horrible role model.

  • Concerned Citizen

    You all need to remember that this is also a “National School of Character.” I believe they no longer deserve this title and need to have it removed immediately. She and all of the School Board members that were elected also have no place there. They are to blame as much as she is. They continued for years to allow her to raise her pay to some ridiculous amount and according to their new Chief Finance Officer, John Brazeal, they are going to be in the negative over $7 million dollars. Hows that for your tax dollars at work!!

    • person

      The whole administrative staff needs to be replaced, starting with her and go on down through the ranks. She and her administrative staff allow bullying and harassment. They even encourage it. I should know, I used to work there, until they fired me. If you want the real truth, then you need to talk to the custodians (not any in a supervisory position, since the supervisors followed her example) or better yet, talk to the retired custodians or maintenance workers that have been there for 30 yrs or more. They can tell you exactly what she and her staff are like. This includes the assistant superintendent. He’s just as bad as she is. If the school board wants to clean up that distirct, they better clean house and get rid of them all. But the school board doesn’t care. Other wise, this wouldn’t have happened or built up to the mess it’s in now.

  • Angela Q

    This is sick. Lady you think removing the character kids title is helping you want to take from the kids too??? They should be in Jail!!!

  • Tim Wilson

    Just fire this woman now.
    Yes she will appeal the action, however it will take years for it to make it way through the court system. More than likely she will settle for much less now, or she will have a have to wait for this giant payday for a very long time to come.
    A little common sense goes a long way.

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