Should cheerleading be considered a sport?

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -Now that cheerleading has become more physically demanding and cheerleaders are sustaining more serious injuries, some doctors believe so.  Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Richard Lehman from the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine in Kirkwood, is here to explain what factors have brought about the change.

For more information visit: U.S. Center For Sports Medicine

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  • Christie Vandeloo

    Heck yes!!! It takes a TON practice & conditioning to be able to do what cheerleaders do!!! Especially on a competitive level & without injury!!! It is much harder on the body & takes much more overall strength than say baseball!! A cheerleader must have head-to-toe conditioning, stamina, coordination, grace, rhythm & overall strength & flexibility. And as my daughter is only 7 & we travel with her competitive cheer squad I see these kids from all over the state that work their butts off as a TEAM doing their best at what they do….CHEER!!!! And isn’t that what makes a SPORT?!?!?

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