St. Charles County DWI Task force with St. Peters police tackle drunk drivers

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(KTVI) - The St. Charles County DWI Task force in conjunction with the St. Peters police are tackling drunk drivers.  They will be working together for the rest of the month to crack down on impaired driving.  Drunk drivers contribute to nearly 30 percent of all Missouri traffic fatalities.


  • TheREALByeBye2TheSickoRite

    Talk about government waste! Talk about tax dollars being wasted!

    Hey, look at that pic – must be pretty hard to tell if this guy’s drunk or not, having to give a test like that. Can he be THAT dangerous on the road if it’s that hard to tell? At .14 or higher, which is what MOST DWI crash drivers are at, you don’t need a test to tell.

    But this ain’t about safe driving – it’s about enforcing religious moral law, and bringing in some cash to the city so they can handout another welfare tax handout to a wealthy developer to build something. A win-win situation for the city and the religious right. Just a loss for anyone having two beers.

  • Steven Sweeney

    I have never seen anyone but Bye bye rant against DWIs.He must have been a Teddy Kennedy fan.Always driving drunk and murdering his pregnant mistress.Luckily a wealthy democrat, so he just walked away unscathed.Just like the criminal democrats today.Keep bashing the cops and troops, and defending the drunks, democrats, illegals, terrorists, and gang bangers.Maybe Bye bye DOES qualify for that disability check every month.Democrat is a dead giveaway.

    • copyjohn

      yes it was a stupid comment but so was yours assuming hes a dem, we can bring up the coke snorting bush and how his schoolteacher wife killed someone but we wont. what about that super rich polo playing guy in FLA that killed that kid and gave all his money to his wife to avoid paying? probably a dem also. what needs to happen is keep politics out of these conversations, THEY are ALL guilty of hypocricy.

      • Steven Sweeney

        You MUST be new here.EVERY one of BYE BYE rants includes the left wing platforms and agendas.There was ZERO assumption to be made.As far as your comments, your left wing tilt was obvious, bringing up Bush’s past but not Obozo’s coke nor the hillary laundry list of kills.You pointed the finger that should have stayed in your nose.

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