Texas home continues to crumble over cliff

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LAKE WHITNEY, TX (KTVI) - Just watch and wait. That's all the owners of a Texas home can do as the upscale house teeters on the edge of a lakeside cliff. More pieces of the home tumbled into the lake this week, but authorities say it could be months before the rest falls in.

Neighbors Connie Ash and Jackie McNamara have been glued to their binoculars since Tuesday, when they first heard – and then saw – the land beneath this home give way. This morning, they discovered the back porch had collapsed into the lake. Experts aren't sure what is causing the land to crack.

Documents show a husband and wife have owned this home since 2012. It was built in 2008.

Authorities say the couple became aware of the crack in the cliff earlier this year, and had moved out all their belongings as a precaution, while they're currently out of town watching this all play out from afar.

Authorities say there's no threat to other homes or the public right now.


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