Union grocery store workers have a new contract

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(KTVI) - Union grocery store workers have a new contract.  Seventy-percent approved the new three-year-deal with Schnucks, Dierbergs and Shop 'n Save, as well as some local pharmacies.  Workers will receive a $.60 an hour raise over the life of the contract without any cuts to their benefits.


  • Mascoutan

    So they all get a raise even if some worked hard and earned it and others did the minimum and didn’t. Brilliant! Gotta’ love the unions! Wonder what happens to the food prices? (a retorical question…)

    • rose

      This problem is at EVERY WORKPLACE, you have your dead beats everywhere. And if you hadn’t noticed, food prices have been on the rise for several years, long before this insulting raise to these people. Minimum wage increased more than this.

    • rose

      STEPHEN, I agree. Why would anyone think 60 cents an hour over 3 years is unreasonable? That’s only 20 cents per hour per year, which is more than Ive had. lol All these people, my family included, retired form GM, Chrysler, construction,and so on, go to Walmart and spend their union retirement checks. In a way it is funny, but in another, it is not.

  • Jusatyro

    How many employees making under 10 dollars an hour are neither subsidized by their parents , or the taxpayers , or both?

    At “Wally World,” it’s said , 80 percent of employees are eligible for subsidize government programs. duh

    So , the true cost of an employee making under 15 dollars an hour is not truly known by the public.. duh

    So , either higher wages for the workers or, the taxpayer will subsidize the worker. duh

    That created the age of the new definition of a part-time worker, before it was an 8 hour work day.or a fraction of a month , or seasons of the year.

    So , the part-time came to mean a 4 hour work day spread out in a 24- 28 hour work week. no benefits of any kind.. duh

    That created the need for taxpayers to subsidize the part time workers with needed funds for baby sitters, college , food , health care etc… duh

  • Bob

    Think grocery workers make a lot? New employees start at a salary not much more than minimum wage and are put on part time status with no consistent shift or days off. And don;t forget, the union wants a cut of your check for dues.

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