Woman saves puppy lit on fire

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FARMINGTON, Mo. (AP) _ A newborn puppy is recovering after being set on fire in eastern Missouri.

KMOX Radio reports that a woman in Farmington spotted a man toss the puppy into a ditch and light it on fire. The woman put out the fire with her hand and called police.

The puppy, 3 weeks old, was rescued by Canines in Crisis. It is an Australian shepherd mix now named Jeri.

Her fur was singed but the dog is otherwise in good health and expected to make a full recovery.
Information from: KMOX-AM, kmox.com


  • Buddy

    God bless the woman who saved this baby! And God bless Canines in Crisis for alll they do! I’ve adopted two of my dogs from them, and they are amazing people. If you are looking for a dog, please ADOPT,,not shop.

  • TheREALByeBye2TheSickoRite

    So it’s only blacks in the city – “hood rats”, according to enlightened right-wingers like Mr. Sweeney – who do this kind of stuff? Yeah, right, sure it is.

    “Rural rats” or as I prefer “rural hicks” are just as bad as criminals in the city any day of the week. We just don’t hear about their trash behavior because they live on private land inherited from Pa and don’t have as much exposure – one can just imagine what these hicks to do animals and other people every day, being hicks and all.

    Ought to throw the hick in the ditch and light him on fire – one less Tea Party vote!

    But I agree – this woman was an angel to do what she did, and thanks to Canines in Crisis for being there! See, there are still good people in this country, even as it gets taken over by hick trash like this guy and the Tea Party.

    • Jamie

      Who said anything about race? Why in every post about something like this do you bring it to that level. Instead of trying to start arguments just be happy the puppy was saved and on the road to recovery.

    • Steven Sweeney

      Bye bye has to play the race card-being a democrat and all-and race was never mentioned.How do you KNOW? There are no blacks in Farmington? Really? BTW, call me when Farmington has daily drive bys, home invasions, and street gangs committing violence on a DAILY basis, you hypocritical, racist, liberal, simpleton!

    • Nowhere Freeway

      well, at least we know that it’s really byebye and not his doppelganger. only the real worthless piece of garbage (my apologies to actual garbage) would make such stupid idiotic comments – take a sad story about animal abuse and turn it into a hate filled rant. he’s consistant that’s for sure.

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