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Illinois investors jump into marijuana business

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ Investors around Illinois are jockeying for positions in the marijuana business as they wait for Illinois’ new medical marijuana law to kick in. And some of them are politically connected.

According to the Springfield bureau of Lee Enterprises (, Sam Borek has reserved at least three-dozen marijuana-related business names. Borek was a college roommate of the lawmaker who sponsored the law.

And David Rosen of Chicago has filed paperwork to try to open a medical marijuana business in Nevada. But the fundraiser for Democrats such as Gov. Pat Quinn has registered the business name in Illinois, too.

Implementation of the law is still months away.

Illinois law will allow 22 marijuana growing centers and 60 dispensaries as part of a four-year pilot program.


  • rose

    Of course these businesses are politically connected, probably been preparing for this the past 2 years. Surly people don’t think they are going to let some Ma and Pa, trying to make a living, open one of the businesses.

  • he

    I’ve attempted to garner favor with investors in the industry. No luck bus far been trying of about 6 years to do this. Keep on trying baby… It’s the fuckin’ dream man!

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