Convenience store scam in Metro East spreading to other states

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NEW BADEN, IL. (KTVI) - It’s a scam targeting gas station clerks. Police say the suspects find out the name of the manager before they walk into the store. Then they show a phony invoice and a phony key. They tell the clerk the key is for a warehouse where a delivery approved by the manager has just been made. They just need payment.

The scam worked earlier this year in New Baden, Illinois. A clerk handed over approximately $1,200 cash. Now police in other states are reviewing surveillance photos from several Illinois cases.

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  • Danny

    The store clerk needs to take some responsibility here. If this is not a common practice they should have called the manager at home or on their cell phone, do not tell me the clerk does not have a way to get in touch with the manager. I was a manager years ago and my clerk was told they are not allowed to pay out cash without my authorization. Deliveries of such a nature are usually required to be made during the day. The crooks need to be punished and the clerks reprimanded (I didn’t say fired) and trained.

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