Missourians still waiting for income tax refunds

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(KTVI) – Are you still waiting for your Missouri income tax refund?  You’re not alone.  Thousands are still waiting more than two months after the April 15th filing deadline.

Missouri Department of Revenue officials expect all refunds to be made by the end of June.  One reason for the long delay — Missouri’s revenue collections in May were nearly $20 million below what they were a year ago.



  • TheREALByeBye2TheRite

    No, this conservative-biased media story is wrong – revenue has nothing to do with this delay.

    We’re getting our refunds late because Republicans had to hand out HUGE INCOME TAX BREAKS and WELFARE HANDOUTS to the wealthy. So after that drained the pot, there is now no more money to get our workers their hard-earned refunds.

    This is only going to get worse as Republicans continue to handout TAX BREAKS for the wealthy and big business, because somebody has to pay for those and guess who that is? The HARD WORKING men and women of the state of Missouri making LESS than a half a mil a year, that’s who.

    Well, we NEED those tax breaks for the rich, because it makes the rich create “jobs” and all, right? Nope. Wrong. Never has created a job yet. The rich just pocket even more than they already do, which was already a 31% increase in income over the last four years, while us workers barely went up 1%.

    And some of you still allow yourselves to be sadly misled by those creepy liars?

    • Nowhere Freeway

      why would anyone believe you?? you’re a well know liar…i’ll take the dept of revenue’s explanation over your BS any day.

    • Mascoutan

      You don’t work so why do you keep posting your nonsense? Now get off your mommy’s computer and go out a play.

  • TheREALByeBye2TheRite

    Oh, and be sure to vote for that phony Transportation Sales Tax this August, of 3/4% additional sales tax which will be the HIGHEST TAX INCREASE IN MISSOURI HISTORY thanks to Republicans handing out income tax breaks to the wealthy!

    You simply MUST vote for that sales tax! Come on, you KNOW it won’t actually be used for roads and transportation, but we NEED that sales tax increase to pay for the HUGE INCOME TAX CUTS the wealthy just got from their Republican Tea Party friends!

    So go ahead, be a sucker and vote for that sales tax income re-distribution from the working class to the rich.

    Meanwhile, SMART people will be voting NO NO NO NO NO on EVERYTHING on the ballot! It’s EASY – just vote NO!

    • Bob

      It’s just like when Metro cut all bus service west of I-270 so voters would pass a new transit tax. Most of the tax went to fund pensions.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Leave it to bye bye to blame the wrong party when a dumbocrat is in charge of checks.Next he will blame Bush for Obamacare.Just proof once again liberals should be sterilized and deported.

  • Therealbyebyetotherite

    You hicks keep on paying your taxes cause I’m not getting off my couch today !!!

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