Mother to wear same dress to graduation that got her daughter kicked out of school

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LEXINGTON, NC — A North Carolina mother is standing by her daughter at graduation.  Violet Burkhart was told to leave school on the last day of school.  Teachers told Burkhart that her dress was a half inch too short.

Violet’s mother’s Amy Redwine told WGHP-TV that, “It’s supposed to be one of her best days and she’s there crying.”

Redwine isn’t arguing against the school’s dress code.  She just thinks that administrators could have handled the situation differently.  That is why she is wearing that same dress that got her daughter into trouble to graduation.

Read more from WGHP:  Lexington mom to wear same dress to graduation that got daughter sent home from school



  • Stacy

    Kudo’s to thus Mom. That is ridiculous that they sent her daughter home on her last day of her senior year.

    • STYX65

      Especially since she’s worn the dress before without incident.
      I think mom did the right thing

  • Jana

    First of all why send her home on the last day of school and only a half inch too short. Come on school admin it’s not like it was,so short her butt was hanging out r something. Way to go mom.

  • Bambi

    Guess it would help if clothing companies had to abide by school dress codes! My daughter is 11 and fits into junior size clothing, and guess what? All of those clothes are no were near the schools dress code. I refuse to shop online to find clothing that’s approved by the school!

  • Mascoutan

    This is the current state of affairs in our public school system – dress code Nazis, “Zero Tolerance” insanity and progressive reinventing history into propaganda all while the teachers’ union helps keep child abusers (and worse) from being removed. The lunatics are truly running asylum!

  • Vicki Adams

    This could have been handled differently and as a parent of tall girls I understand the frustration of finding school appropriate clothing. As a teacher however, I see many students who repeatedly defy the dress code because they find the rules “stupid”. Their parents back the students up and disrespect the school’s. authority just like this mother did. Rules are there for a reason and if parents would support their school districts we would not have as much disrespect amoung teens. I sometimes disagree with certain dress code rules but my children still follow them. I teach my children to respect authority and to accept the consequences of their actions. She should have measured her dress, end of story.

    • Joseph Weiss

      Read Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Schools (1969) United States Supreme Court ruling. Unless it disruptive to the education process, the school has no legal authority to intefere with a childs ability to get and education in free and unfeathered atomosphere. Schools are attempting to circumvent this ruling to intimidate children and for no other purpose. That dress is no worse than what kids wore when I went to school in the early 60’s and mid 70’s

  • zante

    Bambi, you are ridiculous. High school girls who wear junior sized clothing also have to abide by the dress code policy.The fact that your daughter is 11 is irrelevant. If you cannot go shopping and find decent school clothes, then you do not know how to shop. A pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt can be worn any day.

    This mother is making a mistake. She is telling her daughter that rules do not matter. The dress was too short for school, and I might add, low cut and with nearly spaghetti straps. Cute dress, but if it doesn’t meet the dress code policy, then it should not have been worn at school. She knew and thought, what the hell, I can do what I want on the last day of school.

    So the mother wears the same dress in protest. Well, there is no dress code for guests at graduation. It is not the same thing. The girl would have been perfectly fine wearing the dress if she went out to dinner or to a graduation party. But the mom missed a chance to tell the girl that clothes matter. You don’t wear a suit to a picnic. You don’t wear short shorts and a midriff to church. You don’t wear skimpy clothing to work in an office. The girl just learned that what she wants is all that matters and that you don’t have to show any respect for the rules of decorum.

    • Common sense

      She’s teaching her daughter to stand up against silly regulations that do not negatively impact anyone. If the founding fathers of America just followed the rules then we would all be using Euros to buy clothes.

      • GH

        So is defying rules a good way to teach your children? So lots of complaing about the school and how it’s run but we need more Parents invilved with their children’s education like making sure they do homework, giving encouragement, monitoring progress, getting and offering help to their kids. Teaching your kids to not obey the rules ??

    • Nick

      If everyone thought that way, we’d still be under British control. So, no, we shouldn’t ‘just follow’ rules that demean and sexualize female students. And yes, I say female, because male students are not held up to the same standards as the female students. You can blame sexism for that.

  • Bj

    Anyone saying they can not buy appropriate clothing for their daughters need to change stores. There are plenty of clothes available but probably not what she wants. Be the mom and buy jeans or khaki pants and blouses or t shirts and send them to school.

  • Rich

    In our area, we have two high schools with over 5000 kids that have a dress code. They have to wear khaki colors. They can wear capris but they can’t have pockets on the legs. Wouldn’t you think Kohls and the other stores would carry clothes that abide by the dress code rules? We can’t find any capris that meet the rules.

    • Joseph Weiss

      Asking major Department stores to comply with such standards is unreasonable. Secondly, I hear echos of what our generation heard from our parents. Nothing new.

    • Bridgette Thompson

      My daughter is tall with an athletic build. Since 8th grade she has attended schools that required uniforms – khaki pants, crops, or shorts and polo shirts in 2-3 colors. Yes, finding pants that fit her was a bit of a challenge but Academy, Old Navy, Aeropostale, and Penneys all came through with khaki pants. Shorts were a nightmare (although this year Aeropostale had Bermuda shorts in acceptable colors. Instead of whining that we couldn’t find shorts we made them ourselves. As she out grew or frayed her pants we would cut them off for shorts and hem them (stitchwitchery was our lifesaver). She graduated 2 weeks ago. Repurposing the shorter pants as shorts wasuch easier than whining about the rules and in the long run saved money as she was able to wear them longer. Pants freshman year became the shorts of senior year.

  • nunya

    I was in high school in the 80’s, and our school dress code stated no shorts or short skirts and no leg showing. Ripped jeans were in style. I got sent home for have a rip in the thigh of my jeans. It showed nothing. I went to a St. Louis public school. and there was no air conditioning. Once in a while if it was too hot, they would let us wear shorts, but only to the knee. That was the rules. I followed them. My mom would have backed the school if I showed up in something that didn’t follow the rules. That’s what’s wrong with a lot of kids today. They walk around in next to nothing and their parents are busy being their friend instead of a good role model. There are plenty of appropriate clothes out there for girls. They just don’t want to wear them.
    As far as this girl’s dress, I wouldn’t be worried about the length. Look at the top of it! How is that appropriate for a teenage girl?!?!?! Ridiculous!

  • Matt

    And….this is exactly what is wrong with the world today. Parents condoning their children when they do something wrong! I work in Social Services and hear grandparents making excuses for their children’s behavior that cased them to lose their kids! This may be small; but this is where it all starts!!!

    • Joseph Weiss

      There is zero wrong with that dress. That is the fashion of today. Second, if the child was doing drugs or smoking or bullying and that is condoned I could see your argument. This is about a dress and not the former. Therefore, the mother is sending a clear message that is more than appropriate in this case.

    • Stacy

      Yeah I understand all the rules and why they are on place but I am very very involved in what my girls wear but when there is so many of these parents letn their girls wear inappropriate clothes and nothing is said to them bc their parent is a teacher or their parent is on the school board that’s when it seems to get personal.

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