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Quinn to sign Illinois Medicaid cuts restoration

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CHICAGO (AP) – Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is set to sign legislation that would restore Medicaid cuts made two years along with other changes.

The Chicago Democrat’s office says he’ll sign the bill on Monday at a Chicago hospital. In 2012, funding for adult dental and podiatry services was cut to save money.

Republicans have expressed concerns about sustaining services during a difficult budget year.

Democratic Rep. Greg Harris of Chicago sponsored the bill. He says the cuts didn’t save the state money because people wound up in the emergency room, where care is more expensive.

The changes outlined in the legislation take effective over four years.

Medicaid is a state and federal program that pays medical expenses for the poor and disabled.


The legislation is SB741.

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  • TheREALByeBye2TheRite

    “Republicans have expressed concerns about sustaining services during a difficult budget year.”

    Yes, the Republicans say the same thing over and over again – until it comes time for a HUGE income tax cut or a welfare developer handout for the wealthy, then suddenly they have PLENTY of money.

    Republicans are the ones that are “tax and spend” – they tax the middle-class worker, then spend the money on a tax cut or handout for the rich. But that’s okay! As long as the RICH don’t pay higher taxes, that’s the important thing, you know.

    • Mascoutan

      We’ve been over this many times you nitwit – the rich don’t pay income tax because they make their money through investments. It is obvious that your entire public education was a waste of tax payer money.

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