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Winfield’s daughter asking for clemency in execution

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ST. LOUIS, MO (AP) – When John Winfield went on a jealousy-fueled shooting spree in St. Louis County in 1996, he killed two women and permanently blinded the mother of his two children. One of those children is now part of the effort to save him.

Winfield is scheduled to be executed at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday. It would be the fifth execution in Missouri this year. But it would also be among the first since a botched execution in Oklahoma in April raised new concerns about the death penalty. Executions are also scheduled Tuesday in Georgia and Wednesday in Florida.

A federal judge last week granted a stay for Winfield. That case is under appeal. A clemency request before Gov. Jay Nixon includes a letter from Symone Winfield on behalf of her father.


  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    He got clemency for almost 20 years, nows time that scum got justice.
    If they worried about the drugs not killing him painlessly, then they should use the gun he used to kill them folks as a backup shot to his head.

  • Danny

    I am so tired of hearing people say criminals shouldn’t punished or put to death because they might suffer during the execution. Well the family suffered and he should be executed regardless of the amount of pain he endures. He has bee alive for 20 years time to end this and its time the Supreme Court quit halting executions and let them go on as planned. They need to put the other two to death immediately as well, make it a party I don’t care but they should not be allowed to continue living.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Other states like Utah brought back the firing squad and Tennessee brought back the electric chair just to prevent these technical delays.I would suggest the same here, but dumbocrat Nixon can’t even mail a simple refund.

  • Monica Whitaker Emerson

    REALLY , I am so sick of this in the NEWS , if they are on death row they have proven over and over to have done the crime that got them there. Put them down within 1 year . This living on death row is just causing others to look at it like a joke. PUT HIM DOWN AND GO TO THE NEXT ONE,. Sincerely , a Missouri tax payer

  • rose

    He was a real man killing two women and ruining another life, plus no thought what so ever for his children, he should fess up like a man and take responsibility for his actions and crime, instead he cries like a baby, “oh, please don’t hurt me.”.

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