Major Case Squad investigating teen’s murder, family devastated

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BELLEFOUNTAINE NEIGHBORS, MO (KTVI) -Major Case Squad detectives are tracking several leads in connection with the murder of a Bellefontaine Neighbors teenager found dead in his home. The crime that has left friends and family members devastated.

By all accounts, friends and neighbors say Antoine Hall, 19, was a nice young, man with a bright future, and didn't deserve to die in such a violent manner.

Police were called to a home in the 1200 block of Laire in Bellefontaine Neighbors at about 10:30pm Monday night. When they arrived, they found Hall dead in an open doorway.

A neighbor tells FOX 2 news she heard a gunshot then, later, Hall's mother ran from the home screaming for help.

By mid afternoon, police were still on the scene guarding Hall's home, leaving neighbors wondering who took the teen's life and why?

Investigators took one of Hall's friends to police headquarters to see what, if anything, he could offer to help solve the murder of a young man who graduated this year from McClure South Berkeley High School.



      • Cit Riverview

        Many of these posters can’t tell the forest from the trees. They have been given permission in our society to be STUPID. They will defend the action of those of their race, but will be the first to lite a candle in the street and sing we must over come. I have empathy for their loss,but it is the attitudes those same people will come to the defense of the behavior exhibited by many of those in their race. ITS NOT GUNS, ITS NOT WHITE PEOPLE that cause their problems, it those who look just them that are killing those who look like them..Its not white people destroying their schools they attend,it the those same people that are killing your children, I for one think that parent/s of these thugs should be arrested and charged with Child neglect.

  • jsc

    more senseless comments from the chickens that ran away from north county. Imagine that. Heartless fags with no class forgetting about the murders that just happened a couple weeks ago in st.charles, and the child abductions in wentzville, and the bank robbery yesterday, and the other child abductions in Festus, and the shootings in Fenton…I can go on and on…

    • Cit Riverview

      Oh! you can go on,How nice.There’s not enough space on this blog or any cloud storage to list the crime committed by African Americans in this country, compared to the white population in percentages. so don’t go there you’ll have a looser.

      • Wanda Vernor

        Crimes are committed by all nationalities not just African American. What difference does it make we all bleed red!!!!!!!!!

      • sarah mills

        Shut the h up Citi Riverview, always making things racial you and that f*g Steven sweeny both need to do society a favor and kill yourself!! You guys wont get a way with these heartless and senseless comments that you make upon dead people, no matter what their race is, this is not right. You will be punished and your day too shall come soon for you to be extinct. Goodbye and get a d@mn life you low life pig!!!

    • Steven Sweeney

      North side has DAILY shootings, and hood rats will really pick it up with this heat wave.Just because I’m not foolish enough to squander money for depressed property in a high crime area, that does not make me chicken. You must be fantasizing about Popeye’s, like you dream about the equality of crimes.

      • Cit Riverview

        People who make statements about other leaving an area that is crime infested are chicken is RE DICK Q LESS!
        People move for two reason. 1, More space for increase in family size. 2. Crime/Schools. If should be a crime to place your family in Arms-way.

    • Coco

      Couldn’t agree more but some forget that. I lived in North County ,St.Charles,OFallon,Wentzville crime is all over!!Moved from St Charles because of the meth bust!!So please crime is everywhere

  • jsc

    For the record, I’m white, live in Florissant, and have mostly white neighbors. I’ve lived here almost 40 years, and never had an issue with any of the “blacks” around me. My property value has gone up the last 5 years, and the city itself, along with Ferguson is in the midst of a very strong economic development phase. Think what you want, your just lumping all of north county together. By the way, I would have no problem with blacks living by me, you obviously do.

    • Cit Riverview

      Understand this if you are capable of it. I’m happy for you,but history tells us all something else. Areas that have a significant population of African Americans will start to degrade. Look at the Mall on Jamestown rd and Lindbergh it was a vibrant area but the area started to become more and more African American populations. If that one simple example is any indication what happens when an area changes then you are a fool to remain and see and lose more value of your hard earned property. If you look at the properties that are under water see post artical. enjoy your Xanadu while you have it.

      • Cit Riverview

        RM, said:”Look up the Tulsa race riots and see what history tells you.” is that a threat? it sounds like a threat. FOX 2 you might want to question that poster RM about their post.

      • Joe

        You do realize that is was legal for many years for the FHA to deny loan backing to ANYONE who wanting a loan on a home in a neighborhood that was deemed to have started to see an inrease in african american homeownership; thereby ensuring no new money would go into the neighbor and it would stagnate.

    • jsc

      most of the crimes out in O’Fallon are committed by white people, I dont see you or any other white flightees going off on them…ever.

    • rose

      EXCELLENT ADVISE- Every one of every race should watch this segment. Nothing but TRUE facts, and the facts are disturbing.

    • George W. Money

      A Black man from NoCo did this just like the home invasion in SoCity only one of those Black men got shot and killed. Need more of that.

  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    Folks go to NoCo to get away from the STloo crime … then their rotten friends and relatives follow bringing it with them like a plague. Gotta treat the disease of violence that inflicts the brains of young black men in our area. Well —- gotta admit that there is a problem first.

  • north county proud

    It is pretty pathetic that Fox 2 lets these racist comments stay online. I’m white and live in north county and proud of it.

  • Mooie

    Wow. Reading all the comments posted along with the banter of ignorant minds is exactly why we are living in the world we are living in today. Crime does happen everywhere, every day. Is it much more prominent in the inner city, black communities, well yes. Anyone that tries to refute that is clearly uneducated and/or plain ignorant. However, instead of making our crappy society even worse, I think these forums are here to help communities come together and help solve these types of problems..i.e. If you have any leads for the police. If you know any information that could help police get another criminal/murderer off of our streets. Let’s use this site to help strengthen each others communities so we don’t have as much crime. Let’s join one another and help educate our children to break the cycle. When kids and teens see grown adults acting foolish name calling and finger pointing…how will they ever learn right from wrong??? C’mon people. Our communities need more answers and less blame. I hope his family is able to find justice and the person/s responsible learn a valuable lesson. God continue to Bless us all.

    • rose

      MOOIE, I can’t wait to hear what your suggestions are to solve this problem. I already know it’s not money, because so much money has already been poured into this problem, not helping, pumped a lot of money into their schools, not helping, basically free rent, food, and medical for most, not helping. Clue us all in on what is next to try?

      • Mooie

        Thanks for your inquiry, ROSE. If money could solve all the world problems, wouldn’t life be perfect? For starters, I think I would stop the feuding. Yep, maybe I am naive, but it really is or could be that simple. It starts with one person to create a chain effect. I for one have consciously learned to stop from “fighting back.” When I am on the road, for instance, and get cut off do I feel like letting the other driver know how I feel with an expression of a little finger…well Hell yes! Or do I remain calm, pray that whatever reason they are in such a hurry they get there safely without endangering themselves or other motorists. Option B (remaining calm & not creating or fueling any other reckless behavior) is the best option. Not the most fulfilling, but the most reasonable and responsible. I know you’re laughing and saying to yourself, “what a foolish person that must live in a bubble.” Nope, exactly the opposite. I have walked many roads of life. I have seen what people strive to avoid their whole lives. I have grown up in south city in the home of a police officer as my father. I have seen and heard it ALL. First & second hand. I know there are bad people that do bad things…but I guess I would like to think there are MORE good people that can over-populate the bad and create a more pleasant place to be. Like I mentioned, it starts with ONE person to start a reaction. If ONE student would not laugh at the “bully” and perhaps other students wouldn’t laugh and the “bully” would recognize it is not normal, or cool, or just to be that way. I don’t have any answers quite honestly to SAVE THE WORLD but I know I try to be a good person and set good examples for those around me. I am sorry you are too bitter to try and see positive. It is people like you with that attitude, that will just put their tail between their legs and go on with what everyone else thinks and does…whether it’s good or bad. I pray for people like you. I hope there are more people like me…willing to try at least.

    • Cit Riverview

      Mooie, My guess you must be one of the reporters or management people of Fox 2 KTVI? These blogs serve one reason, to give people a place to unload their opinion and attitudes. People in the media have a daily soap box to Sharpe the opinions of others. Bringing the news in the fashion in which it’s done today, is not what I grew up with…
      Your Idea of someone who might have information about a particular crime and that they may come forward is just ” OBTUSE ” no one would do that. You opined: “Let’s join one another and help educate our children to break the cycle. When kids and teens see grown adults acting foolish name calling and finger pointing…how will they ever learn right from wrong??? “ I agree with that in theory. But and you know there always a but, The people that post here, have endured enough from the Minority precincts. Their inability to hold responsible those that roam our streets, causing death and destruction in every aspect of this society. View this and you’ll see why people write the things they do.
      If you ignore it, then there’s no hope.

      • Mooie

        CIT RIVERVIEW, I am just your average 30-something female trying to make life worth living. I don’t work for FOX 2, the Police department or any management PR group. I have rational thoughts and beliefs. I have worked in North County for about 8 months now. I drive through Baden, and sometimes Riverview to get to my work place. It is a different world up here. But have you ever stopped to wonder why that is?!?! I would be confident to say because we are a product of our own enviroment. I guess that was my point all along. When you are born or raised in a volatile upbringing, chances are you are conditioned in thinking that’s the way of life. It’s sad, but that’s life. I just think that when people accept that as an answer..we will never see a change. That’s why I emphasis setting examples. Firing off at the mouth and making racist statements (and that goes for blacks and whites- both equally guilty) doesn’t stop the crime on the street. It only makes one resentful and more angry. Gotta get back to my JOB…which I LOVE because I work with people and i make a DIFFERENCE!

  • metatronking

    Wow Mooie. you gave me goose bumps. as iI read your words iI could hear the boom box speakers in the cars driving by shaking my house and the gun shots echoing thru the air. i too hope God continues to bless us with plague after plague.

  • Cit Riverview

    Mooie, after reading that load of CHIT, I need to go to home depot and buy a new shovel. I see a government employee speaking? Maybe on Dunn rd for the record center. 30 years on this earth, try 60+. I know of what I speak. I’ve seen and lived with the after math of the blight call diversity. The destruction of Homes, neighborhoods schools. I use to think it’s because they as a group are poor. It just amazing what gray hair does to a person in life’s living. Are all blacks bad? No. if you had viewed the video of Bill O’Riley you can understand why there’s a problem with a significant portion of Blacks in this country. If you have ever looked beyond the borders of Missouri and start looking at all the major urban cities across this country you could see they have the same issues as we do in St. Louis area. And it’s all related to the failure of the many people of the Black race as to inculcating itself into society. Their Moto is “WE BE DIFFERENT” They and they have issues they need to address.

    • Mooie

      You’re missing the point, CIT. Age doesn’t always bring wisdom. I agree with you that there is more crime, statistically, in black communites…because it is a cycle and people like you with your thought process only enforce it. I hope you are buying a shovel today to plant some trees. Save the planet ;)

  • north county proud

    People are lumping north city with north county. HUGE difference, and in my opinion you have no right to be telling how a place you don’t even live is so bad. The real people to blame are the white flighters. The sad part is they are proud of the mess they have caused, and too stupid to realize the same thing is happening where they are now. Lots of homes for sale in St.Charles county, lots of foreclosures, and the funniest part is more and more black people moving in, biting the racist, white flight jerks right in the butt.

  • skitttlez

    Funny Steven Sweeney went to your page to see your pick but your hiding! I see your a HUGE Obama fan! Lol talking about someone else’s beak! Gtfooh

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