Audio: Man shoots robber after 911 call transferred to voicemail

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PORT RICHEY, FL – A 911 call was transferred to voicemail after four robbers broke into a Florida man’s home.  Two woman were injured during the break-in and the homeowner shot one of the robbers before police arrived at the scene.  The incident is exposing some cracks in Florida’s 911 call system.

FOX 13 reports that the men demanded prescription drugs and money after breaking into a Port Richey home.  One of the victims called 911 to report the crime in progress.  The dispatcher forwarded the call from the fire department to the police department.  That is when the call was transferred to voicemail.

Three minutes elapse between the first call to police and a second call.  During that time police say that the man took matters into his own hands and shot one of the robbers.  Two women in the home were hurt during the incident.  The man told a police dispatcher that they were also robbed.

Police tell FOX 13 that they have taken steps to make sure that this does not happen again.  It is not clear what those steps are.

Three of the four robbers have been caught.



    Well was this house in a gun free zone no!!!! Besides they just wanted money what’s the big deal.

    • Steven

      Just wanted money?!?! Are you kidding, are you mentally challenged?!?!?! The “big deal” is they broke into someone’s home, they beat and injured 2 people!!! If this isnt “a big deal” to you, please leave the United States because you are not wanted here.

  • Mandy

    They just wanted money???? Maybe they should go work for it instead of stealing, too bad the homeowner didnt shoot and kill all four of the robbers!

  • Patrick hinchcliff

    This is a no brainer. Shoot first call second. If someone were to break into my house tonight they would be seeing a pistol in my hand before a telephone. People want to stop these kinds of attacks where not just are people breaking into a residence bit also becoming violent towards the people who live there then that’s what needs to start happening. Shoot these punks. And aim for the head.

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