Hair braiders challenge Missouri cosmetology law

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ST. LOUIS (AP) - Two St. Louis hair braiders are challenging the state of Missouri's cosmetology licensing requirements as part of a series of lawsuits coordinated by a national legal foundation.

The Institute for Justice's Braiding Freedom Initiative has won similar legal or legislative challenges in seven other states. The northern Virginia-based group plans to file comparable suits Tuesday in Arkansas and Washington state.

Joba Hair Braiding owner Ndioba Niang says the mandated 3,000 hours of training to obtain a state cosmetology license excludes any preparation in traditional African braiding techniques. She completed 1,000 hours of training before dropping out. Institute lawyers say Missouri requires more training hours for aspiring cosmetologists than emergency medical technicians.

A spokesman for the Missouri Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners said the agency doesn't discuss pending litigation.


  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    So maybe we hire cosmetologist to ride in ambulances? Looking good when ya get to the hospital can be important.

  • Otto

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      • Mandy

        You do realize that Chicago has one of the toughest gun laws and yet they are still one of the most dangerous cities for gun violence. Maybe instead of calling names you sould do some research.

  • Damitrius

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  • Stylist

    Missouri Board of cosmetology requires students attending a certified school , as in paying for one, to complete 1500 hours of training. An apprentice , one who does not have to pay for schooling, but who works under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist or barber, must complete 3000 hours. There is a big difference.

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