Is Walking Just What The Doctor Ordered?

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(Esse Health) – How walking can help improve your family’s diabetes care, and more.

Medical research has shown that individuals with diabetes who walk a half hour daily, or 3-4 hours per week, can reduce their chance of heart attack, stroke and death by 50 percent. There are plenty of other clinically proven benefits of walking, including decreased depression and anxiety; decreased chance of falling and fracture; increased bone density; improvement in arthritic symptoms; maintenance of ideal body weight and cholesterol; and lowered blood pressure. In spite of all of these benefits, why don’t we walk 30 minutes a day and encourage our children to do the same?

Finding the time, motivation, energy, discipline and routine is easier than you might think. It is fairly easy to walk on a treadmill or visit with your children and other family members or friends as you walk around the neighborhood or park for a short time every morning or evening. Vary your routine by scheduling a new place to walk, such as the park, zoo, hiking trails or museums. Listening to books on tape, podcasts, radio or music can also be a great way to keep entertained while walk staying on pace. Be sure to set reasonable goals with associated rewards to motivate and incentivize your children and yourself.

Walking the short trip, rather than driving, is another way to be “green” and healthy at the same time. Since we are always looking for ways to multi-task

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