Lawsuit challenges Missouri teacher tenure limits

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) – A new lawsuit seeks to block the public from voting on a proposed constitutional amendment that would limit tenure protections for public school teachers.

The lawsuit filed Tuesday contends that the proposed ballot initiative is unconstitutional because it effectively would change two parts of the constitution _ one dealing with education, the other with collective bargaining.

Two teachers from the Francis Howell School District are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, including one who serves as president of the local chapter of the National Education Association.

Supporters of the initiative submitted petition signatures last month to get the measure on the November ballot. Those signatures are still being counted and verified.

The proposal would limit teachers to three-year contracts and require their evaluations to be based on student performance.


  • Steven Sweeney

    NEA is the problem.Tenure is exactly what career politicians on both sides have.The pelosis, mccains, and reids.That’s why you can’t get rid of them.Removing tenure is like term limits.DO IT NOW!

    • Rooster

      You’re wrong. Tenure only means that teachers have due process, not a job for life. School districts must allow a teacher to defend themselves and have representation before being terminated. That’s all that tenure means. It does not mean a job for life and tenured teachers can still lose their jobs.

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