Mother says energy drinks led to death of 16-year-old daughter

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PEORIA, AZ (KPHO) — Lanna Hamann, 16, was vacationing in Rocky Point, Mexico, when her mother received a call she never expected: Her daughter was dead from a heart attack.

Kris Hamann said it appeared her daughter has been drinking energy drinks while on the beach. The friends with whom she was traveling told her mother that Lanna was not drinking any water.

On Saturday evening, she had complained to her friend’s father she did not feel well. That is when she went into cardiac arrest and died.

“Obviously, this is something that could have happened anywhere, whether she was in Mexico or whether she was here in Arizona playing softball,” Kris Hamann said.

“(Parents should) make sure they’re watching their kids. (Watch) what they’re drinking and (make sure) they’re drinking water instead of an energy drink,” Hamann said.

Sunday, dozens of Lanna’s friends gathered to remember the 16-year-old sophomore at Sunrise Mountain High School. Her mother plans to travel to Rocky Point on Tuesday to sign the death certificate and retrieve her daughter’s body.

Because of complications with Lanna’s birth certificate, the U.S.-based mortuary the family is using was not able to bring Lanna’s body back to the United States. Kris Hamann said the total cost so far has exceeded $13,000.

The Hamann family has set up an account with Wells Fargo banks. If you’d like to help out, simply go to any branch and tell an employee you’d like to make a donation to the Lanna Hamann Memorial Fund.


  • Sherry Howell Harman

    I had a dear friend in England who’s 19 yr old son was out drinking on New Years’ Eve. He was drinking the popular cocktail of Red Bull and Vodka. This 19 yr old also died of a massive heart attack. These drinks should be outlawed.

  • Rachel

    Sad thing is, kids probably won’t read this and if they do they think it won’t happen to them.

  • seamstress

    How sad.. Aren’t we aware of what our kids are doing? I agree that a lack of personal responsibilityexists in today’s world. A loss of a young life needlessly.

  • Jennifer

    We live in Arizona. It’s ridiculously hot and dry in the summer. Dehydration is no joke. When you get dehydrated, your blood pressure tanks. That affects your heart. People need to use common sense and drink water. If you are going to drink caffeine, alternate caffeine and water. If you are outside, double the water.

  • Ken

    Dehydration, period. No need to blame the energy drink itself. That being said, people should have the self-control or parent-control to limit intake to 1 possibly two a day. Government bans only punish responsible people. Those with little or no self-control will just find another fixation.

  • Sheree Krider

    Reblogged this on Kentucky Marijuana Party and commented:
    Everyone out there, (including my adult children) needs to take heed to this information. It is a serious thing when young people start using these products. It is a legal form of a “drug infused” drink to sell to anyone, minors included.


    PROOF! That is what I want to see. I can’t believe anything that anyone says anymore as so many frivolous lawsuits have been filed.
    It is tragic that her daughter is dead, but unless there is hard evidence I refuse to believe it.

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