Nixon vetoes bill limiting jobless benefits

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Gov. Jay Nixon.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed legislation that would have shortened the duration of unemployment benefits.

The bill rejected Tuesday by Nixon would have tied the length of jobless benefits to the state’s unemployment rate.

Missouri residents currently can collect benefits for up to 20 weeks. The bill would have allowed that only when the state’s average unemployment rate is at least 9 percent. The maximum length of benefits would have decreased as unemployment rates dropped, bottoming out at 13 weeks when the jobless rate is less than 6 percent.

The legislation also would have raised the cap on how much money can be kept in Missouri’s unemployment trust fund.

Nixon said the bill was unnecessary, because Missouri has now finished repaying a federal debt for its unemployment fund.



    Thank you Nixon and all you democratics out there, I hate meany tea party hicks trying to help people

    • Mascoutan

      I figured to find a post by you here, considering that you’re total sustenance is provided to you by the state. Then again, maybe you wouldn’t’ qualify for unemployment benefits – you would have had to be employed at one time to qualify, right?
      You should thank our Lord for the autonomous functions of the human body, because if you relied on conscious, intelligent thought for survival, you wouldn’t…

  • Steven Sweeney

    Just more liberals handing our tax dollars away to liberals that refuse to work.Meanwhile, the folks that PAY for these leeches can’t collect their tax refunds.Textbook democrat policy!

  • Groovy Chick

    I thought unemployment payments were paid for by employers as an insurance premium and administered by the state.


    Used to be that you had to look for a job while on unemployment. Now you get on unemployment and you can stay on it for life because everyone wants the handouts of the democrats. Quit using up our tax money lazy people and go to work like the rest of us.

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