“North Campus” offering summer program for city kids

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(KTVI)- The "North Campus" in north St. Louis, is offering its summer programs.

St. Louis alderman Antonio French, from the "North Campus", explains the different options in the summer programs.

Currently they are doing in-school tutoring and after-school tutoring, and enrichment programs for 3rd-8th graders living or attending school on-campus

The campus includes the O'Fallon neighborhood and sections of the Penrose and College Hill neighborhoods.

Here is the mission statement of the campus: "Our Mission is to coordinate an expansive network of partnerships working together for a common goal: providing the children of the North Campus with a world-class education and an enriching childhood experience so that they will ultimately lift themselves and their families out of poverty."

For more information please visit thenorthcampus.org



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  • Steven Sweeney

    Let’s see the schedule: Car jacking 101, Origins of spray painting, History of gang signs, The race card and you, weaves acrylics and grills, Blaming whitey through the ages.That’s a full program all right.

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