Federal gas tax proposal

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Do you think pump prices are high now?  Congress could drive those prices even higher.  Senators are pitching a bipartisan plan to raise federal gasoline and diesel taxes.  The jump would be an extra $.12 per gallon over the next two years.  The tax would then vary to keep pace with inflation.  Federal gas taxes haven't raised in more than two decades.  The money would pay for highway and transit programs.


  • TheREALByeBye2TheSickoRite

    This probably isn’t a completely bad idea – spread the cost of roads to those who actually USE them – but it’s still just another workaround to avoid making the rich pay their fair share of income taxes.

    When are we going to tap the biggest source of revenue of all: The rapidly increasing wealth and incomes from investments for the richest 5% of our population, whose income has risen over 25% over the last few years, while all us workers remain stagnant??

    When we kick Tea Party Republicans, all other Republicans, and wealthy Democrats who are part of the upper 5%, out of Congress for good and return our government to the people, instead of just the wealthy. Simple as that.

    • TheREALByeBye2TheSickoRite

      Actually, twelve cents isn’t that much – gas goes up and down by that much in ONE DAY, based on the greed and lust of oil companies that day – er, I mean, based on supply and demand.

      Gasoline has gone up and down over 50 cents in just the last few months alone. It’s high right now, well over 50 cents higher than it was just six months ago. And if you drive around, you realize gas prices vary by more than .12 area to area – urban to rural, for example.

      I just mention this to mock all the Tea Party Republicans who will come in here bashing the “higher taxes” this proposes, and how expensive and anti-job taxes are, when in fact taxes are just a TINY percentage of the HUGE price we pay of which most goes into the pocketbook of the rich – the REAL cause of high prices and no jobs.


    State tax is 30 cents per gal 18 cents fed per gal

    Not near enough it should be at least 2$ tax per gal !!!!!

    • Ben

      You must have the luxury of being able to pay $6+ for a gallon of gas. At that rate, I wouldn’t be able to drive myself to work, forcing me to joing the ranks of hte unemployed.

      When you make something tok expensive to buy, nobody will buy it for one reason or another.

      Attempting to tax the country in to prosperity is like standing in a bucket and trying to lift yourself up by the handle. It’ll never work.

  • Wayne Blue

    In Cuba Missouri gas was $3.39 gal yesterday ,Went to town today it was $ 3.49 gal. I am thinking I needed to full my H2 Hummer yesterday. Please tell me if gas was $ 5.00 gal woundnt you still buy gas an still go to the store an to your camping trips.she. I live in the country . I have no city stop an go lights that burn the gas.Don’t say one word about my H2 Hummer you don’t buy my gas I pay for every gal I burn. 5 mpg in town An A great 12 hwy. I love my Hummer.I make my payments you don’t.

  • Jonathan Bolinger

    Those mother f’ers need to stop stealing from all of us because we are broke as it is. So go get money from all of your rich friends and leave us alone.

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