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Foods you should never refrigerate

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Summertime means outdoor picnics, which means you are more at risk for food borne illnesses.  Refrigeration is key, but did you know that there are some foods you should never refrigerate? Katie Lambert, Dietician from Barnes- Jewish Hospital, joins Kim Hudson to explain.

Here's the List:

tomatoes -- texture and flavor will be altered
melons -- will lose antioxidants
potatoes - become gritty and affects flavor
onions - they can get moldy and mushy
coffee - loses flavor and absorbs odors
garlic - it will start to spout and get moldy
alcohol - hard liquor should be stored at room temperature
honey - it will crystallize and thicken faster
hot sauce - most can be stored in cabinet for three years
bread - the will dry out
basil - it will wilt and absorb odors

For more information visit: 11 Foods You Shouldn't Ever Refrigerate


  • Dawn Newman

    Sure, if you eat bread loaded with preservatives, leave it out. If you use bread without preservatives, however, it won’t last long that way. Seal it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. It won’t dry out much, especially if you only cut pieces as you need them, and it will keep much longer.

  • Jusatyro

    People are so use to refrigerated products ,they can no longer taste ,or smell the odor of refrigerated items on delicate fragile tasting goodies, like eggs,ice cream, pies and bread..

    At one time cold storage eggs were a hard sell… pies and bread were never sold frozen in any 5 star restaurant ,or a grease spoon sandwich shop..they were bake on site ,or by a local bakery..

    Today, we buy many fresh bakery goods that are frozen when they are shipped, some say ,by the way of China,,once the goods arrive at their distribution centers, some of frozen goods are thaw out and sent to the restaurants and stores ..
    it’s not unusual to for a bakery item marked fresh to have a freshness sell date that would make a prune envious.

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