Francis Howell School Board votes to keep controversial sex ed book

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(KTVI)– The Francis Howell School Board voted Thursday night to keep a controversial middle school sex ed book.

The e-book called “It’s Perfectly Normal” came under fire for its lifelike drawings.

The board voted 4-2 to follow a district committee recommendation to keep the book available with parental controls.

All of the parents who spoke at the meeting were opposed to keeping the book.


  • mark

    “Came under fire for its lifelike drawings’?? Anyone who would object to realistic teachings has removed themselves from any reasonable conversation about teaching anyone, anything.

  • Shawn Blessing

    This book does not contain age appropriate learning pictures. If a parent want to show these graphic, pornagraphic images to their young minded kids, they should check it out of a public library. It does not have a place in a school library!

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