Larry Conners returns to St. Louis airwaves on the “Big” 550 KTRS

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Former news anchor Larry Conners will be broadcasting again in St. Louis. He will be the new host of the “Big” 550 KTRS’ weeknight news-talk program. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Conners will be on from 9pm to midnight.

Conners writes in a Facebook post, “Radio has always been my first love since I started in broadcasting at age 16.”

He says that the show will be a mix of interviews, news, commentary and history. Conners will replace lawyer Scott Sherman. He will continue as a regular guest and fill-in host to discuss legal matters.

Conners was fired from KMOV-TV after a controversial Facebook post in May 2013. Since then he has been guest hosting on local radio stations and endorsing products in commercials.

The official announcement came during an interview on McGraw Milhaven’s show on KTRS at 8am. Milhaven was named as the station’s program director last week.

Read more from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Larry Conners returning full-time to STL airwaves

These are a few of Larry Conner’s posts to Facebook:


  • Shaniqua Jefferson

    I wish he take that crabby Jasmine Huda with him. They was the itchy and bitchy of news teams.
    Larry need to go home and yell at kids to stay off his lawn. Does AM radio really need another mean old bald white guy?

  • Kate Pederson

    SOOOO excited about this! Since I live outside of StL now I love using the app. Will be glad to listen to Mr Connors once more.

  • SSH

    Why would anyone want to listen to Larry?! He made good money for years and can’t pay his taxes?? I can’t relate to him and I’ll miss Scott Sherman. I won’t be listening. Milhaven, you dropped the ball on this one. Unless you want to boost your demographic of stupid old ladies.

  • Linda Anderson. (The Bear's sister-in-law)

    Glad your back Larry. I think a lot has to do with age in media . Good Luck

  • SandyfromChesterfield

    I loved your interview with president obama. You were the only one that asked the hard questions. Always stand up for what you believe in. Not to speak is to speak. Glad you are on radio now!

  • Charles/Judith Steele

    Boomers were raised believing in GOD/Prayer, Country, U. S. Constitution, Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag and using the word, “GOD” with our hand over our heart. Also, we learned the Golden Rule and manners via Emily Post. We believe in our Veterans/soldiers. We believe in higher education and hard work. We are defined by our opinions…Freedom of Speech. We would, probably, be the first ones to volunteer to help in an emergency situation. Please welcome Larry Connors into your home via KTRS 550, we will in Granite City, IL.

  • morrow

    Larry blew it and he will never be known like on tv, so he needs to find something else to do like some of his coworkers before him did. I forgot, but Larry was fired and the others retired, my bad.

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