Opponents rally against Missouri “right to farm”

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Opponents of a ballot measure creating a “right to farm” in Missouri contend it could make it harder to enforce environmental regulations against corporate farms.

More than 50 people rallied Thursday at the Missouri Capitol in opposition to Constitutional Amendment 1 on the August ballot.

The measure asks voters whether the right “to engage in farming and ranching” should be “forever guaranteed” in the Missouri Constitution.

Opponents say the vague wording could lead to lawsuits challenging the enforcement of environmental regulations against farms.

The measure was referred to the ballot by the Republican-led Legislature. Supporters of the proposal have expressed fears that animal activist groups could try to impose limits on livestock farms, as they did with a 2010 ballot measure dealing with dog breeders.


  • Shane Destry

    Look who is backing Amendment 1 : Monsanto and Syngenta, the same corporate monsters who are pushing for fast track TPP agreements which would mean the death knell of American democracy. U.S. citizens would have absolutely no legal recourse to whatever was imposed upon them by the multinational corporations who are TPP partners. Amendment 1 is exactly the same thing on a state by state basis. The purpose of this amendment is not to “protect Missouri agriculture from outside federal regulation or animal rights groups.” Of course that is what the Monsanto propagandists say ! The purpose of it is to remove the right of Missouri agriculture to regulate itself. Citizens if this passes would have no legal recourse against outside corporations running farmers out of business and contaminating our land and water at will. Wise up voters ! Vote no on Amendment 1 on August 5. The greatest threat to Missourians right to farm doesn’t come from Washington D.C. or the Humane Society ! It comes from Big Ag, Monsanto in the lead !

    • Jerry Foster

      Obviously, Shane Destry (not his real name) is attempting to mislead voters with a mountain of hyperbole and outlandish innuendo. In particular, his comment about the amendment being supported only by two corporations is just plain false and he knows that. Over 1000 individual farmers have contributed to the campaign fund to support the Missouri Right to Farm Amendment.

      On August 5, please support your farm and ranch neighbors by voting YES on Amendment 1.

      • Shane Destry

        tsk tsk Jerry Foster back to the old adhominem approach ! An argument is valid whether it is said by the Pope or a pauper, by the President or Mystery Guest X. Perhaps Shane Destry is my real name. It is irrelevant to the arguments I have made. In terms of coming clean you should tell the readers of your association with Protect The Harvest who are dog breeders (puppy millers) and how you spent at least one year since I have been encountering you trying to push horse slaughter in Missouri. The constitutional filter you are referring to is an AG Gag law that would prohibit citizens from addressing grievances through the petitioning process or suing any large corporation as in Chinese pork industry should they contaminate their land and water. But an Amendment to the Missouri constitution cannot “filter” (viz. nullify) the citizen’s right to petition the government or seek redress in court for damages. So Amendment 1 would be declared unconstitutional as in
        federal law. So what is the point in passing what would then be nullified ?

    • Shane Destry

      what a brilliant argument and original too unfortunately it a fact that Monsanto and Synegenta have endorsed passage of Amendment 1 as any can verify by themselves with the aid of Google. It is your side that has failed to explain how the “right to farm” in Missouri mysteriously vanished because a ballot initiative was passed to regulate puppy mills. Please explain Daring Dan how that caused an imminent threat to farming in Missouri – by the way “farming” encompasses a wider variety of methods than “factory farming” of which you are most familiar as a paid shill for Protect The Harvest?Monsanto.

  • Jerry Foster

    On August 5, please support your farm and ranch neighbors by voting YES on Amendment 1, the Missouri Right to Farm Amendment.

    Keep in mind that opposition to the Right to Farm Amendment is mostly coming from groups financed by the Human Society of the United States. HSUS recently had to pay around $19 million to settle RICO litigation for hiding payments to a witness in a federal trial. RICO stands for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. That is the federal statute that prosecutors use to go after organized crime. If HSUS would hide information in a federal court proceeding, just think what they might try to do in a campaign.

  • Shane Destry

    Jerry Foster, keep in mind that Amendment 1 is sponsored by Monsanto and Syngenta. Its ballot language was written by ALEC associated with Koch Brothers profiteers. It is being pushed by Big Ag and was hardly the spontaneous creation of the Missouri Farm Bureau let alone small farmers and ranchers in Missouri. The latter are wise enough to know that Big Ag pushed NAFTA which caused the greatest loss to jobs and farms in the United States since the Depression. The Humane Society is merely reacting to legislation pushed by Big Ag especially Monsanto. They proposed no new regulation on agriculture in Missouri.

  • Shane Destry

    here it is the essence of it: puppy millers want you to vote to let them cram more dogs into cages. In return for voting Yes on this Missouri will have inflicted on it Chinese hog farms that will destroy our water and land while paying no taxes. Sound like a good proposal to you ? Vote No on Amendment 1 unless you like the idea of being ruled by Monsanto not protected by the U.S. Constitution.

  • Laura Umphenour

    I will NOT support the Amendment for one because, as admitted by one of our own Puppy Mill legislator’s…..this is just to allow bad breeders to open up their mill’s once again…..and I can’t believe that Missouri Legislator’s would throw the family farmer under the bus just to get this done. I for one have spoken to many local farmers and they feel that it is “hog wash”….no pun intended. Missouri Legislator’s will do whatever it takes to keep our name in the mud. Puppy Mills; Horse Slaughter; Factory Farms. When are they ever going to bring GOOD jobs to Missouri instead of controversial jobs. Even Roy Blunt who gave a FREE PASS to Monsanto, who has been banned by 81 countries, is welcome with open arms here in Missouri. Anyone ever remember “Agent Orange”….that’s Monsanto and so is the pseudo name “Farmers Care”.

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